View Full Version : SLi with an nv5??

04-28-05, 12:38 PM
hey guys, i just recieved my nv5 today and it looks pretty big, i dont kno, but it looks like the 2nd vid card wont fit cause the fan is too big. (my assumption, didnt instal it yet.) will it fit??

04-28-05, 01:02 PM
yes it will fit, from what I have seen.

04-28-05, 01:23 PM
Really I am pretture sure that the DFI and dual Silencer DO NOT work... Only with the Asus SLi board will they fit... However, you might be correct that someone modded their silences by cutitng off the screw/plastic housing that is the piece in conflict.

Also the air intake for the primary card would be only milimeters away form the secondary board which means a Warm air intake.

04-28-05, 01:37 PM
that doesnt sound good, ill prolly put the nv5 vid card close to the sound card and the default vid near it and sli like that, o btw the nv5 takes up a pci slot, thats a huge fan

04-28-05, 01:46 PM
They do not work. I tried. Only the A8N-SLI fits. The fan hits.

04-28-05, 02:35 PM
Why not use the Zalman cooler?

04-28-05, 03:21 PM
Yea the Zalman one will fit fine.