View Full Version : Something weird happens when I right click on a file

04-30-05, 03:50 PM
I dont know if its just me who experiences this but, when I right click on a movie file, ANY movie file, it takes a couple of seconds to show the pop up menu BECAUSE my video screen restarts.

To explain better what I mean by restarting:
You know when you change resolutions, your monitor blanks out and displays the refresh rate of your current resolution. Thats what happens whenever I right click a video file..

I find that very odd.. Is there something wrong? I didnt do any tweaks with my drivers and this happens on EVERY driver I've tried and ive now just decided to bring it up here to see whats up.

Thanks for all the future help.

05-01-05, 03:02 AM
This may help:

http://groups.google.com.tr/groups?hl=tr&lr=&threadm=A6Rmd.167%24b4.117%40newsfe1-win.ntli.net&rnum=1&prev=/groups%3Fq%3Dright%2Bclick%2Ba%2Bvideo%2Bfile%26hl %3Dtr%26lr%3D%26selm%3DA6Rmd.167%2524b4.117%2540ne wsfe1-win.ntli.net%26rnum%3D1

05-01-05, 03:32 AM
wow. thank you! i remember in linux i could set which displays the driver should ignore for detection. didnt know that this was causing this effect in windows. thanks again!

05-01-05, 09:54 AM
You are welcome. I am pleased that you solved the problem.