View Full Version : Compitible mobo for the AMD 3300+

05-01-05, 08:32 AM
I posted about a graphics card issue but I"m leading to believe that my K8S-LA mobo from HP/ASUS might be at fault. I am seriously considering investing in a new mobo. I was thinking the MSI with the 754 socket but am unsure wether or not the HP/AMD chipset is transferrable. Anyone got any info I might have missed? Anyone used this combination before?

05-01-05, 11:57 AM
Im not terribly sure how much your willing to spend... but 754 is being phased out I believe. Id get a 939 mobo and a 939 64bit chip and just bite the bullet now as later on you will be able to upgrade and I dont think the price difference is to much than what you would spend on a 754 mobo. As for the chip... you could get a 3200 64bit for fairly cheap and OC it if you really wanted too :)

05-02-05, 10:23 AM
Well I'm looking at spending 150 for a mobo. I'm decided I may as well get a 754 socket seeing as how I"m waiting for the dual cores to come out. I'm thinking MSI. Am I on the right track?