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05-02-05, 02:53 PM

I can't seem to check my GPU temperature anywhere! I've tried re-installing the Nvidia graphics driver, re-installing nvtune, but I can't seem to get access to the temperature monitor on my GPU. No problem with CPU and M/B temperatures.

My card is a 256Mb GeForce 6600 from Point of View. I've contacted them, and they told me, that the card indeed have a temperature monitor.

Anyone with a good idea of what's wrong?

I'm using the 71.89 driver. My setup is

Windows XP SP2
Asus A8N-SLI motherboard (bios 1004)
Point of View GeForce 6600 (256Mb) PCI-E
Zalman VF700-Cu GPU cooler

There are no hardware conflicts on my system. I'm only using 1 graphics card.

Hope that there's a few with some ideas out there :)

So anyone???


05-02-05, 02:59 PM
This might help you.

Enable temp monitoring on a 6600 (http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=2379)

05-02-05, 04:50 PM

That did the job! Perfect! Looks like my Zalman cooler is working perfectly! :afro: