View Full Version : Is my hard drive dead?

05-03-05, 10:43 AM
I just built me a new computer and when i power it up it read the memory counter and the stops and says "Detecting IDE Drives". What is wrong?

05-03-05, 10:47 AM
It's not in your sig but do you have more then one hard drive or is your DVD on the same IDE channel as your hard drive? If so, are they both jumpered to master or slave? Go into your BIOS and see if it detects your hard drive and check your jumper settings on both your DVD and your hard drive.

I would recommend that if you have both your hard drive and your DVD on the same IDE channel to put them on seperate channels. The DVD is slower then your hard drive and it will hurt the performance of your hard drive.

Hope that helped some.

05-03-05, 10:49 AM
Quick way to isolate is just stick yer hdd on its on ide cable, set it to master and see if bios detects it. If not, you may have a bad hdd or bad ide cable, more often than not though, its usually just a config problem. (jumper in wrong place)

05-03-05, 10:52 AM
No it is not my rig that is in my sig it is another computer i built. The Hard drive and Dvd are on separate channel and bother jumpers are on CS.

05-03-05, 11:08 AM
with alot of hard drives.. if a drive is by itself on an ide channel, it needs to have no jumpers in it.

05-03-05, 12:35 PM
So i dont the jumpers on the pin if the are by themselves

05-03-05, 12:38 PM
I've seen this a lot lately. I always remedy it by removing all drives but the one in question. Then, just set it to master, connect only it to your motherboard and it should be detected just fine. Once you've done that you can power down and start adding on other drives.

Another thing you may want to do is to clear your CMOS. Even more drastic may be the need to remove your mobo battery for about 10 minutes or so. It can take a while for some capacitors to fully drain.

05-03-05, 01:23 PM
So i dont the jumpers on the pin if the are by themselves

usually you dont. but check on the specific drive you have to be sure

05-04-05, 12:12 AM
lol mines doing that now, all i have to is hit the desk or take the plug power plug out of the HDD and put it back in (with pc turned off of course) i think its a fualty power connection for me

05-04-05, 06:43 PM
Another thing...

See if it is set to Auto Detect in your BIOS. If so, it tries to Auto Detect every time you boot, I believe. Or something similar to that.

05-04-05, 07:13 PM
this has happened to me too before. just make sure the jumpers are correctly set. when my jumpers were not correctly set, it would think there were two masters or two slaves and refuse to detect them, causing the boot to halt.