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05-06-05, 01:54 PM

I've been trying to tackle a problem with my video overlay not working correctly with the latest drivers. Basically, if I run the newest drivers I am getting a black screen where the video should be. If I play around with the window (sometimes minimizing then restoring it) I can get it to display correctly. The only way I can get the video to work correctly is to install 61xx version of teh drivers... really old...

I have a 6800GT and an ATI HDTV Wonder. I have the problem with TV video from the HDTV wonder and Power DVD... if I install the trial for the NVideo DVD, it works fine under windows media player (but still the same problem with everything else).

Has anyone seen this and/or know of a solution? I have wiped and re-installed several times to try to resolve the problem.



05-07-05, 04:34 AM
I own a XFX (god help me for buying this brand, I was in a rush) Geforce 6800GT. When I playback videos i.e. xvid, wma, divx, avi, the video looks too dark on playback. The only way to correct this I found is to turn off the overlay support in the media player your using, or to increase the brightness in the nvidia control panel, but this makes the video display in a unnatural way.
I don't know if this issue is a driver one, Geforce 6800gt Agp one or a windows xp issue with this new video card?

05-10-05, 03:20 PM
I thought XFX were good cards . . .

06-19-05, 03:21 AM
I am having the same sort of problems, no video playback and CHRISTV freezes, it works fine if I revert back to 61.xx. I have also tried to activate VMR, with no luck.
Any suggestions?