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05-06-05, 01:58 PM
Not sure where this should go.

Is there a way to change the default offset of new windows? My wife has a dual monitor setup, horizontal span, using 2 Samsung SyncMaster 910T lcd monitors and a eVGA 6800 Ultra video card. All of the windows, especially logon and Windows Security window, appear across the split between the two monitors.

Any info appreciated.


05-06-05, 05:28 PM
Change her setup to Dualview instead of horizontal span within the display control panel.
Start > Control Panle > Display > Settings > Advanced > GeForce 6800 Ultra > nView Display Mode > Dual View.

Horizontal span (and vertical span) are logically one display to the driver, so the desktop area must be rectangular. Centered dialogs appear on the shared border of the physical displays.

Dual View is logically two distinct displays, so the arrangement can be arbitrary. Centered dialogs appear in the middle of the display you designate as Primary (the one with the start menu).

Clear as mud?