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05-07-05, 09:21 AM


05-07-05, 12:52 PM
So, what did people think?

05-07-05, 01:22 PM
Hmmm... It reads as if they're trying to recreate their Q2 concept stuff with D3 tech.

To me Q2 looked very distinguished becuz of it's angular Strog designs with strong but quite minimalistic detailing.

pic (http://www.musashionline.com/graphics/full04.jpg)

The Q4 pics we've seen now, are full of rounded and squirling normal map details like D3. The interview just seems like they are not wanting to see that alot of gamers will feel it looks D3 samey if they go on the way they are now.

I do some high poly modeling myself, but if I were at Raven, I'd say ; do a 180 degrees turn on the designs as you guys have them now. Especially on the Strogs. Create highpoly angular designs with details at the right spots ; sometimes less = better.

All those metal environments seem to tire ppl as well (like Sluggo mentioned).
I'd say differentiate materials ; old rotten concrete-like stuff or carchoal tar surfaces. I would definately like to take on the job for Q4 designs :D

05-07-05, 01:42 PM
The new screenshots in CGW magazine article are a lot better. :)

Don't know if scans are allowed, but odium gave a hint on quake3world.com if you want hunt them down...

05-07-05, 01:46 PM
Nice article. Can't wait for the game.

05-07-05, 02:15 PM
I really likes this last little bit:

I believe that Quake 2 had the best single-player universe of the Quake series, and that's what we're returned to. And then Quake 3 had the best multiplayer feeling and experience of the Quake series. So with Quake 4, you have the best single-player environment to go off of, and then you have the best multiplayer environment to build off of. And honestly, I believe this will be our best Quake -- we've had 10 years to make this that game great. It's really building off the experience of the other Quake, the experience of id, the experience of the guys at Raven -- all the pieces have come together to create the perfect environment to make an awesome game.

05-07-05, 09:53 PM
Wow, those CGW scans are incredible! :eek:

/me wants now...

05-08-05, 06:25 AM
Yeah, the scans look sweet. :D

05-08-05, 07:14 AM
scans are awesome.......cant wait:)

05-08-05, 07:20 AM
I really, really, want Quake 4. Raven is doing a better job than Id possibly could. Perhaps Raven will do the next Doom as well?

05-08-05, 07:59 AM
That's it, I'm gonna have to play through Quake II again.

"Cay-ey-ga" ---> seeing the gladiator in those scans certainly brings back memories.