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05-08-05, 05:33 AM
If anyone can help I would like a copy of the the 61.20 drivers for winxp64 if possible, with a working inf, if anyone knows of one, for the 6800's

The reason being that I an working on a doom3 mod and every nvidia driver above 61.32 (32bit and 64bit) has a bug in the way it culls the shadows and light textures. This has been tested extensivly by me and several other members of the team, confirmed by ID and reported to nvidia. (If anyone can show Im wrong here please do it would be helpful) Hopfult this will be fixed soon as there are two other doom3 games out this year.

an example of it is shown in these shots

above 61.31 you see this
http://img256.echo.cx/img256/1726/shot000069ju.th.jpg (http://img256.echo.cx/my.php?image=shot000069ju.jpg)

below that or on any other grapghics chipset you see this.
http://img65.echo.cx/img65/3417/shot000071ec.th.jpg (http://img65.echo.cx/my.php?image=shot000071ec.jpg)

As you can see a mod depending on the shadows and ambient lights (Yes doom3 uses quite alot of them) this bug is a bit annoying.

This also has the effect of making doom3 appear much darker on these cards than it should be. Strangly there is only about a 1fps differance in performance.

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Thanks for the link but these wernt released by nvidia but by HP

I know they exist somwhere as they are mentined in these two threads
at planetamd64

and even here