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05-10-05, 03:50 AM
I have a CRT SONY Multiscan G420 monitor.

It's a great monitor but because i use the web so much more than playing games i read quite a lot of text for many hours (about 4h/day average).

Lately i have eye strain! My eyes are "complaining" when i read text on my monitor.

I tweaked the resolutions and font size but i haven't been able to change the situation. I've come to the point that i believe it's the CRT technology that causes it and thus I'm thinking to UPGRADE to a TFT monitor.

1) Will switching to TFT really help me? I've spent 2 hours setting up a friends computer and I've noticed that while i was watching at the TFT monitor he had for all that time, i didn't had my eyes complaining!

2) I also use the computer for gaming and i definitely don't want to sacrifice my gaming experience. Will TFT stand up to the quality i used to have with my CRT? I'm willing to sacrifice quite the quality or the speed but to the point i will still enjoy and like what i see. Can i have both monitors and turn on the CRT only for gaming and always use the TFT for browsing?

3) I'm about to buy one so i have a dilemma.

a) 19" BENQ FP937s+ It's got 8ms time, 24bit color, but the dead pixel policy is at 2 bright pixels, 5 black and none at the center. Tomshardware likes it too.

b) 19" NEC 1970GX It's got 8ms time too, 6bit color, but has a technology similar to Sony and reflects everything, which i don't know what it looks like. Other that that it's perfect.

c) 19" L1980Q from LG It's got 8ms time, 6bit color, very good pixel policy (if anyone found they replace it on site) but the contrast is 500:1 and the brightness is only at 250. BENQ has 700:1 contrast and the brightness is at 300. Above all it's the most expensive of all (609 Euro).

d) Is 8ms enough? Maybe i should wait for viewsonics vx924 something, with 4ms time. It's got 6bit color too though, and has a pixel policy of 5 dead pixels and they do not specify wether they are black or white, so i guess they must mean both!

Any Ideas? Will the BENQ monitor be good? I want to buy it so much!!! :confused:

05-10-05, 07:32 AM
Most likely the problem you are having is that your refresh rate on your CRT is set to low or your brightness level is set to high. Since you did not notice eye strain when you were viewing your friends LCD then most likely low refresh rates is causing your problem. LCD screens do not refresh the entire image they simply turn pixels on and off so using an LCD display will remedy your eye strain issue. As per which LCD to get I would definitely go for the BenQ. At 8ms response you will not be sacrificing anything when gaming.

05-21-05, 07:14 PM
I use two digimate 17" tft monitors, they are only 16ms response times but they play all the latest games without any probs, better still you can buy them for only 119.00

05-22-05, 12:44 AM
thank you all guys...

05-22-05, 12:44 AM
meh, id go with my 12ms viewsonic 6bit+2 (its some strange setup, basically an 8bit screen) over my friends viewsonic 8bit 8ms screen. hardly can tell the difference, but the IQ difference is staggering in games IMO.

neither have dead pixels :)

05-22-05, 01:27 AM
I found that my ancient eyes no longer find most CRTs acceptable. And although LCDs are still hardware limited to 60 FPS, that's no problem for my gaming, since DOOM3 caps the frame rate at the same number.

You may also want to try computer glasses: eye-doctor prescribed computer glasses. Computer glasses turned my career around when I was having trouble sitting at the screen 8 hours a day. I can't thank the doctor enough for suggesting them.