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05-11-05, 02:24 AM
Heya all,

I just recently purchased an Asus v9999GT 256. After installing the card, everything booted up normally, into XP, then prompted me to install drivers, popped in the CD, installed. As soon as the drivers were installed, lots of garbage/artifacts on the screen, it's still readable but the screen would freeze and refresh everytime something changes on the screen, like loading a new webpage.

Rebooting the PC, there are artifacts on the screen right upon bootup, white and coloured artifacts, like snow. Anyway, booting into Safe mode, I dont get it and as long as the nvidia drivers are not installed I dont get the artifacts on the screen but they are always there at bootup, splash screen, CMOS, etc.

I tried installing the latest drivers, re-seated the card, nothing, I put back my old card (9800pro) and works fine, no problems at all. I noticed that the actual slot on the asus is a bit bent, looks like the heatsink in screwed on too tight, is this normal? Is it safe to say it's a faulty card?

Im going to get it RMA's but maybe something I missed? Also this card has 2 molex connectors, eventho it's a GT?

Appreciate any help/suggestions :)

EDIT: My system specs, nothing is oc'd

P4C 3.2
Abit IC7 (Not the Max-G) Intel 875P chipset
SB Audigy
Antec Tru550 PSU

05-11-05, 10:31 AM
RMA the card. My heatsink was also so tightly fastened, so itīs normal. And yes this GT has 2 molex connectors :) Dunno if it gets more power though.

05-11-05, 01:28 PM
What card was installed previously?

05-12-05, 03:43 AM
I had an ATI Radeon 9800pro installed previously, now installed back in.

I have upped the AGP voltage to 1.6v, used compressed air on the AGP slot, used driver cleaner to remove old video drivers, nothing, still the same garbage on the screen. It gets bad booting into xp normally, looks like a scrambled desktop, barely readable.

I dont understand how the only time I do *not* get the garbage/artefacts is when Im booted into safe mode. It's there right on bootup, in the BIOS, the splash screen. I notice that the actual bit on the card that goes into the AGP slot is not even straight.

Anyway, I also tried installing the card in my 2nd working system (AMD64 3200) and the monitor doesnt even get a signal from the card.

I really think it's a faulty card, cant really think of anything else?

05-12-05, 09:20 AM
It's a problem i've seen before when switching from ATI to Nvidia, have you tried resetting your CMOS on the mobo? That fixed it for me before.

05-12-05, 10:30 AM
I have never seen a video driver cause artifacts before but I guess it would depend on what the artifacts looked like. Easily fixed with driver cleaner though, clean out all the old ATI and Nvidia drivers and reinstall.

If you still get the artifacts after that, I'd RMA