View Full Version : Nvidia 6200 and Sound Card issues!?!?!?

05-11-05, 06:24 AM
I have just installed the 6200 (replacing a Nvidia 2) and it just refuses to get on with the sound blaster sound card. I have updated all the drivers and moved the sound card on the board but still no good.

It'll load up games but as soon as you hit the menu it will get a stuck note and crash and restart the computer. It doesn't do this with any 2D games just 3D ones. The sound card preforms normally otherwise. I have a Sempron 1.2 GHz processor and a gig and a half of Ram on an Aopen Via KT600.

Any ideas how I can sort this?



05-13-05, 04:19 AM
The plot thickens. I tried disabling my sound card and running games but it still crashed. Any ideas guys?

05-13-05, 08:31 AM
Whys your sempron running at 1.2Ghz? The slowest sempron Ive seen is 1.5. You might want to make sure everything is set correctly in your BIOS, that could (possibly) cause problems. Try disabling AGP fastwrites in the bios too. And check your CPU temps.

05-18-05, 07:37 PM
I have this same issue! I thought something was going on with my soundcard.

I upgraded to a 6200 and it doesn't even work right. And now my Sound Blaster Live! card has dissapeared. :(

05-19-05, 05:24 AM
The sempron have a different way of naming about their products. It's called a 1800 but kicks ou 1.2 who knows why.

I have the card working by installing a AGP chipset driver for my motherboard. I was for my particular motherboard which was here:

I wouldn't say the card is doing what it says on the tin but it's working at least.

05-20-05, 06:30 AM
There is no such CPU as a Sempron 1800+. The slowest one AMD makes is the 2200+ and that's 1.5 GHz.