View Full Version : PCIe clock/memory speed vs AGP clock/memory speed

05-11-05, 02:15 PM
I was wondering for you PCIe video card owners what is the default clock and memory speed for your Ultra/GT cards are? Have any of you OC'd your cards and if so, what was the max you were able to OC to?

I am just looking at comparisons between clock/memory speeds for the AGP's and the PCIe's. I'm not talking SLI setup but if you have your cards OC'd, I'd be interested in hearing what you got it up to.

I know that PCIe is where the standard for video cards is going to so I'm not looking for any PCIe > AGP or vice versa crap. I am going to go to PCIe just not this year, maybe next if that ASUS dual GPU card pans out :D I just want to know if they clock better, worse, or the same.

05-11-05, 03:34 PM
I had a Leadtek 6800 Ultra AGP card and the defaults were 400 GPU and 1100 memory, i sold that setup and brought 2 PCI-E Leadtek 6800 Ultras and there defaults are 425 GPU and 1100 memory.Also of note is the PCI-E version has a bigger fan than the agp version and i have been able to overclock to 460 on both GPUs.