View Full Version : New GV-NX66T128D, capacitors disconnected?

05-12-05, 09:44 AM
I just bought a Gigabyte GV-NX66T128D (6600GT) and when I went to install it I noticed that the two large capacitors on the top of the card were disconnected. One end was connected while the top end was left open and thus they were dangling at an angle.

Is this normal? Perhaps Gigabyte figured it would be easier to unsolder one end instead of having to do both and remove it? I'm thinking I need to send the card back and get a new one.

The card runs fine but I'm worried about long-term stability. Please advise with electrical engineering expertise! ;-)

05-12-05, 10:26 AM
RMA it, that is NOT normal. If it wasn't necessary, they would not be there, not partially soldered in. It may be part of a filtering circuit or something similair so you may not be experiencing problems now, but it will most likely shorten the life expectancy of your card.

Without a schematic of the board layout, no one can tell you for sure what they are used for or what purpose they are suppose to serve.

Again, RMA it while you can.

01-09-06, 05:22 PM
Definately take strahd's advice. I just purchased one of these about a week ago for a new system (Xmas present to myself . . ;-)) The card worked fine for long enough for me to install WinXP Home and Suse 9.0. I then heard something hit the floor of my mini-tower case, and the display disappeared!
On examining the card, the larger of the two small square components had detatched itself, and was indeed lying on the floor of the case. It has only two flat terminals rather than pins, and appeared to have unsoldered itself!
I returned the card to the shop, and a technician there, resoldered the component and tested the card. he emerged about 10 minutes later (grinning) stating that the card had worked for about 5 minutes, and the component had unsoldered itself again! The card was replaced immediately and the replacement is now working perfectly (so far!)