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05-12-05, 12:37 PM
? Comcast Digital Cable Recording ?

My question seems simple but after searching the web I am left in a confused state. Although the setup Iím looking for could be used in multiple ways I am only interested in one particular function right now. I want to be able to record music vidz off my Comcast digital cable and transfer those files to my PC where I can then convert the vidz into smaller files so I can fit many vidz on a DVD which will then go into my car and ultimately be playing on my headrest LCD screens.

My original thought was to go with a stand alone Pioneer DVD recorder with an 80gig hard drive. This way I could record the vidz while I was gone at work. When I got home I would pick the ones I wanted to keep and burn them to DVD. Then I would take the DVD to my computer and copy them down. This thought was shattered once I found out that the DVD recorder did not have a tuner that would reach over channel 125. Most of my recordings will be above the channel 125 range. I do not have an HD box, just a Comcast digital cable box.

My second thoughts was to build a PC and record the vidz to the hard drive then transfer the files over Ethernet to my ĎMasterí PC to do all the editing but once again I canít find a tuner card that would take the signal. I was unsure on how I would separate the videos, would it look like just one big 2 hour recording or can you actually split the vidz up later?

Anyway, I just want a setup that works whether it be a stand alone machine or simply adding a card to my current machine. Money isnít really of any concern so please donít feel like you have to suggest a system that is cheap. Donít get me wrong I donít want to spend thousands of dollars but I am willing to spend more than a few hundred for this functionality. I do not care about pausing live TV nor do I care about fast forwarding through commercials.

My current bedroom setup:

42Ē Toshiba Widescreen HDTV
2 RF tuner inputs (only one used currently)
2 Component inputs
2 S-Video inputs + 1 in front
2 Composite (RCA) inputs +1 in front

1 DVD Player over Component
1 VCR player (no longer hooked up)
1 Comcast digital cable box (black) over coaxial

Intel P4, 2.1c Ghz, ocíd
1 gig Geil Dual DDR PC3700 RAM
2 Raptor 36gig 10K SATA drives setup as RAID 0
1 Maxtor 200 gig 10K SATA drive for storage
ATI Radeon 9800 256mb video card running dual LCD display setup
10/100baseT LAN and 54G Wireless card (currently wired to the Linksys router)
Sound Blaster Live (old I know BUT great for audio capturing)


05-13-05, 02:38 PM
look into Beyond TV and Beyond Media http://snapstream.com

and windows media edition and the such

There's a bunch of tuners out there... PVR250 is an older solid card for MPEG2.. But there may be better, if you are intrested in mpeg4 hw encoding.

EDIT: actually, if you don't care about the fancy sharing, timging and such, software that comes with the capture card may be just fine for you.

also if you can't record above channel 125 or something, try sending the card just video for svideo, and have it record from that feed.. but obviusly you have ot figure out how to make your cable box send the right channel and the sorts.