View Full Version : 6800 Ultra OC and Brothers in Arms

05-12-05, 04:13 PM
Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone else has Brothers in Arms and has tried to play it at fullest detail it can go (16x Ani. filtering, full texture/decal, and hr lighting) at 1024x768. It seems that I get some drops in FPS in certain areas (fuzzy screen) and want to know if this is common. I mainly get them when I move the sight around when running. Also, i pumped all of them down to lowest possible detail including 800x600 mode, and kinda get the same effect. Any suggestions?

My system specs are AMD 64 3200+
Abit AV8 Motherboard
2 gigs DDR 400
BFG 6800 ultra OC

As a side-note, I am getting about 5300 on 3DMark05 demo. Dunno if that helps.

Thanks a million.

05-12-05, 05:07 PM
are you on a lcd monitor? could be it has a high response time.

05-13-05, 10:22 AM
Hi, I thought after I left the office that I should have clarified that I was not using an LCD monitor, its a 17'' CRT.

No problems in UT 2004.