View Full Version : Screen Saver or Monitor shutdown will not work??

05-12-05, 09:48 PM
I donít think this is a specific Geforce problem because the same thing happened with my 9700 pro. My problem is my monitors wont shutdown, and I cant even get a screen saver to work. My monitors are on all the time and I have to power them off manually anytime I'm going to be away from the pc.
I know itís not a huge deal, but sometimes I forget to shut them off. I have a 6800 GT with 2 LCD's and have tried many drivers. The 6x series I have better luck with, because sometimes they will shutdown the monitors. They are not consistent though, and most of the time they don't shut them off.

All of the 7x series refuse to work. I am puzzled why my 9700 pro did this around the time of the AT 5x drivers. I then got a GT and formatted and after I installed everything the same problem was there.

Any help would be appreciated


System specs
AMD 3200+
evga 6800 GT
SB Audigy 2 Plat
SATA Seagate Drives
1 gig 3200 Corsair Ram
WinXP Pro SP2
Samsung 191T, Viewsonic VE155b Monitors