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05-13-05, 12:50 PM
God knows if this has been posted yet, but still - a half decent video showing some of the people involved in the 360's development, including Microsoft's old school executive producer, J.ALLARD. Basically the video is the team involved, talking about the 360 so dont expect any in-game movies cause there aint any. ;)

30.1meg Hi-Res version (http://downloads.game.net/game.net/movies/x360ourcolony_hi.zip)

11.09meg Lo-Res version (http://downloads.game.net/game.net/movies/x360ourcolony_lo.zip)

Source : GAME UK (http://shop.game.net/xbox360/)

05-13-05, 12:54 PM
Yeah it was posted via links to gametrailers.com. These are nice too though since you have already zipped files. Thanks. :)