View Full Version : Noisy Southbridge Fan.....

05-13-05, 06:49 PM
so i just installed my new A8N, and the fan is being loud. sounds like something is rubbing....

how can i make it go away? what oil should i use, if any? please let me know, thx.

05-17-05, 09:54 AM
The only way to get rid of that noise is to change the fan. Search the forum because this question was answered before, around here.

05-17-05, 10:35 AM
I got tired of mine and removed the darn thing. Temps are the same as before.
On my setup, the Zalman coolers attached to my cards seem to help cool this area somewhat.

05-17-05, 12:42 PM
There is an instant replacement program for noisy/failed fans. Call the RMA number at the USA Asus site and tell them your fan failed on the A8N-SLI. They mailed one to me last week, yet to show up, but it is on the way. Apparently, it is a new design that is similar to the Premium.