View Full Version : FS: 3500+ Newcastle 2.2 GHz Athlon 64

05-14-05, 02:42 PM
One retail 3500+ newcastle. I have warranty and retail box, fan and everything else that came with it. It is socket 939, 512 KB L2. It works great, just looking for something a touch faster.

Looking for $245 shipped to Canada $255 shipped US.

All prices are in US dollars. The cpu will be shipped via small packet insured airmail in the US and insured regular parcel or xpresspost in Canada.

Note: I am very interested in obtaining a 3700+ San Diego Core.

05-15-05, 02:36 AM
I can also toss in 1 GB PC2700 ram for another $60 if someone will buy the cpu and ram together. So $305 and $315 shipped would be the totals with the ram and cpu.

05-15-05, 07:34 PM

05-16-05, 02:15 PM
pending locally, thanks for the bump clay :).