View Full Version : FT: PC for Dell 9300 or XPS Laptop, 17" LCD for PSP, FS: 2070SB 22" Monitor

05-14-05, 02:58 PM
Would like to trade this for a Dell Ispiron 9300 or XPS2 (will add more items and better parts for this) Laptop with atleast a 6800. Must be like new with package and all acessories. I want to trade the system but if you would like to buy the "whole" system for a good price let me know.

Update!! Will add the LCD to this.
AMD 64 3700+ SD
ASUS AV8 Motherboard Rev 2.0
All in Wonder X800XT
200gb Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive
2gb Corsair XMS
Nec Dual-Layer 16X DVD-Drive
Sound Blaster Audigy ZS Gamer
Logitech Elite Keyboard with MX510
Lian-LI P61 (Black) Case with a 430 WATT Enermax PSU
Microsoft XP
The LCD is a Dell 1704FPT and Would like to trade this for a PSP with games. Must be like new and have box with all acessories. Will add cash if you have alot of games. LCD is perfect and plays games great.

The Mitsubishi 2070SB 22" Monitor is Like new. $550 shipped OBO.

Will add more pics. Want anything specific?
http://img226.echo.cx/img226/5370/46ko.th.jpg (http://img226.echo.cx/my.php?image=46ko.jpg)http://img100.echo.cx/img100/4149/22do.th.jpg (http://img100.echo.cx/my.php?image=22do.jpg)http://img100.echo.cx/img100/9631/38se.th.jpg (http://img100.echo.cx/my.php?image=38se.jpg)http://img100.echo.cx/img100/5436/42ou.th.jpg (http://img100.echo.cx/my.php?image=42ou.jpg)

Almost every everything is retail and still under warranty for many years.

Please PM with any offers or questions at LiquidXtream AT Gmail.con or LiquidX AT verizon.com

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05-15-05, 10:54 PM
Good luck trading that for the new 9300's / iXPS 2

BTW The iXPS 2 is unbelievably fast :eek: I love mine.

05-16-05, 09:02 AM
Come on you know you want to trade it. I will give you both monitors. :D

05-16-05, 05:41 PM
I may bite...

05-18-05, 10:46 PM
Up with a couple more pics.

http://img277.echo.cx/img277/6497/dsc013801zq.th.jpg (http://img277.echo.cx/my.php?image=dsc013801zq.jpg)http://img277.echo.cx/img277/8531/dsc013838le.th.jpg (http://img277.echo.cx/my.php?image=dsc013838le.jpg)http://img277.echo.cx/img277/7854/dsc013852hl.th.jpg (http://img277.echo.cx/my.php?image=dsc013852hl.jpg)http://img277.echo.cx/img277/9264/dsc013863ex.th.jpg (http://img277.echo.cx/my.php?image=dsc013863ex.jpg)

05-19-05, 09:50 AM
Oh btw on May 11th Dell was offering 35% off, I had ordered an iXPS 2 about a week before that for $2,498 w/tax w/ $750 off coupon specs were:

2.0 Pentium M
6800go Ultra
1gb of ram
60gb 5400rpm hd

Well when I saw the 35% off coupon I configured this one just for the hell of it:

2.0 Pentium
6800go Ultra
512mb of ram
80gb 7200rpm HD

Price came to $2,058 :eek: I egerly returned my iXPS 2 and ordered this bad boy. I still haven't recieved so I emailed dell with my concern, they upped my shipping from 3-5 day to next day and gave me a $90 concession coupon to buy whatever I want. So I ordered a Razor Diamondback mouse, Notbook usb Light, and a sandisk 128mb usb drive for $7 bucks lol. I also have 1gb of OCZ ddr2 PC 4300 4-4-4-8 ram coming from newegg soon :D

Quite an F'in deal I might say.

Oh yeah stock iXPS 2's break 5k in 3DMark stock, 6k auto overclocked on the core only if you have a notebook cooler :p all that goodness with a 12 pipe beast.