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05-14-05, 03:36 PM

One of the surprises we found when checking the Xbox 360 innards was its cooling solution. To keep things quiet and cool, Microsoft has designed a liquid cooling system that dynamically adjusts the flow of the liquid and the speed of the fans depending on the temperature and power consumption.

WTF?? Is this for real??! :eek:

05-14-05, 03:40 PM
yeah, it was confirmed :)

05-14-05, 03:41 PM
From hardOCP.com:

Xbox 360 Cooling Update:
We had a couple people, after reading our Xbox 360 article, comment on Microsoft’s statements that the Xbox 360 was “water cooled.” While this might be technically true, it carries a very heavy marketing spin in order to glom onto an enthusiast technology. To be succinct, the Xbox 360 is not water cooled in the way we, meaning just about every computer hardware enthusiast on the planet, tend to think of water cooling. The Xbox 360 motherboard we were shown did have a CPU heatsink in place that utilized a heatpipe. Yes, a heatpipe does have liquid in it and some H2O as well, but is usually primarily ammonia. In a heatpipe, the liquid at the “hot” end vaporizes, and is moved to the “cold” end of the heatpipe by a pressure differential and convection. Once the heat is transferred to the fins in the cold end, the substance condenses and the process repeats. The CPU cooler we saw on the Xbox 360 processor looked very much like this CPU cooler seen at Plycon except the Xbox 360 cooler was taller than wider and only utilized one copper heatpipe tube.

Below is a low quality picture of the Xbox 360 internals. The tall heatsink on the right is the heatpipe unit that covers the CPU, and the wide heatsink on the left, that reminds me of a heatsink on an old Voodoo 3 3000, covers the ATI-built GPU. Obviously, the Xbox 360 is not water cooled in the conventional manner that most enthusiast relate to when they hear the term “water cooled”. As far as we know, there hasn’t been a water cooled Xbox since our original water cooled Xbox project back in early February 2002.

05-14-05, 03:42 PM
:wtf: that would be a HUGE surprise to me if correct.
& XBOX360 fans should get ready from some new type of troubles.

EDIT : Banko's post explains it better i guess.

05-14-05, 03:44 PM
But how? Water cooling requires maintenance. You need to replace the liquid every year, and add more when it gets low. I thought they were going with a heatpipe design?

whoops, too late :) Thanks for the update banko ;)

05-14-05, 04:35 PM
its not like enthusiast water cooling you and me know...its more like heatpipes with liquid in them.

05-16-05, 05:55 AM
Dreamcast was watercooled, too :)

05-16-05, 07:31 AM
Dreamcast was watercooled, too :)

The earliest versions weren't but after the first few batches they went to watercooling. My air cooled DC would constantly crash when it had too much dust in it :/

05-18-05, 07:38 AM
Dreamcast was watercooled, too :)

lol, their heat pipes weren't wicked, so some people fried the DCs by turning them upside down while they were on.

05-18-05, 08:34 AM
lol, their heat pipes weren't wicked, so some people fried the DCs by turning them upside down while they were on.

Thats hilarious :lol:

05-21-05, 12:45 AM
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