View Full Version : PCI-express other than video card?

05-15-05, 12:26 AM
Are there any consumer grade pci express devices avalible for purchase other than video cards? I am wondering why all these motherboards have 2 or 3 x1 pci-express slots, there is seemingly not a huge variety of uses for them.

05-15-05, 01:43 AM
I have seen Gigabit network cards. The upcoming PPU is gonna support 4x PCIe

Pandora's Box
05-15-05, 01:47 AM
i believe creatives next audigy card will be pci express.

05-15-05, 01:52 AM
Yes, well, the first version of it will be PCI. Then later they will offer PCIe. I dunno if soundcards demand enough bandwith to really see a difference though...

05-15-05, 03:30 AM
At any rate, the PCI-E ports have dedicated fullduplex ports, 1x = 255mb/sec bidirectional.
While the PCI bus could handle max 133mb/sec shared over all devices including IDE..

HD or RAID controllers should be ideal.
its just a question of time, most things dont NEED the move now, graphics cards doesnt really "need" it either, but it leaves some room to grow in.

Son Goku
05-15-05, 10:07 AM
They could be considering PCI express for SCSI cards. Ultra SCSI 320 (320 MB) I've already heard about, and it seems to already be offered...