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05-15-05, 12:48 PM
alright, i have got my eyes on getting a pda. i have unfortunately been having a lot of problems finding exactly what i want. i don't care about price (but the lower the better, obviously), but i have certain criteria that i really want to meet.

it must be a cellphone, no exceptions on this. it would be really awesome if it had a triband radio for the phone, that way i can rome on analogue (very important, but not necessary). it would be nice to have one of the 643mhz ti processors that the latest have been sporting out. a keyboard at the bottom (as opposed to touching the screen with the stylus for pressing keys) is preferred, but my handwriting is so bad that i can't use the handwriting recognition thing. it would be so awesome if it had linux (and i would do without other features i was curious about in order to get that), but i guess i could use windows if i must lol. a camera is very much so preferred, (and if it is higher res than 640x480 that would also rock). wireless network access (802.11 b/g) is very much so preferred too.

also, if there is one made by apple, that would be really awesome.

i've done so much searching and i can't find CRAP. the only luck i've had was finding adware infested websites with little to no information superior to going to something like hp.com. maybe i'm just using a bad search string or something. i'm very much so willing to go and look for myself of course, if you could just give me a website or SOMETHING gah! it's so hard to find good information about these things because it's like everyone LOVES their PDA, but if it has the features i want or not doesn't matter to them :'(.

anyway, if someone could just give me a good search string or SOMETHING lol. i'm despirate here. btw, sorry if this is in the wrong section. i had no clue where else to put it.

05-15-05, 01:19 PM
maybe this should have been posted in general hardware now that i think of it.... oh well =\

05-15-05, 03:44 PM
Sony PSP - well, once they release their webbrowser/PIM suite.

05-15-05, 04:05 PM
Sony PSP - well, once they release their webbrowser/PIM suite.

You can't use a PSP as a cell phone though can you?

Currently Apple doesn't make any pda products. I'm expecting there to be one eventually though. Apparently there is a tablet like mac being developed. I'm not an expert on pdas so I'm not sure what will suit your needs.

05-15-05, 07:39 PM
crap :( thanks anyway. for some reason cell phones and pda's are 2 things that it doesn't seem to have any "holy grail" of pc's. now, if i wanted a holy grail video card, i could just get a 6800ultra extreme edition... and if i didn't know crap about video cards, i could even judge it by how much it costs. buy the most expensive thing, lol.

for some reason, cell phones and pda's don't seem to follow that.

05-17-05, 12:43 AM
well actually the holy grail of pda's seems to be the Dell Axim x50v