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12-12-02, 03:09 PM
What were they for you? Overall, I thought the PC gaming scene was rather weak.


Dungeon Siege
Age of Wonders 2
No One Lives Forever 2
Rallisport Challenge


Metroid Prime
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Resident Evil


Age of Mythology
Warcraft 3
Serious Sam 2

Hyped garbage:

Neverwinter Nights
Morrowind (many would probably disagree)

12-12-02, 03:18 PM
OMG, PC gaming blew hard this year. GTA3 was very good and RalliSport is awesome as well. Other than that, it's been pretty dull. I've not played Neverwinter or Morrowind. And WC3 wasn't anything special.

As far as console, I can't wait to move so I can hook up my Xbox and play Shenmue II. I was hooked on the original and I'm so far not disappointed in the little bit I've played of the second.

12-12-02, 03:28 PM
Soldier of Fortune 2(mainly for the multiplayer)
Dungeon Siege

Both very good online games:cool:

12-12-02, 03:49 PM
I like Unreal Tournament 2003 for PC and I like Silent Hill 2 for PC also. I got sick of Morrowind real fast, how could they work on a game for so many years and still screw it up. Oh well, what I played of SOF II before the nausea kicked in was nice, GTA 3 for me was kinda boring. Mafia rocks!:D

12-12-02, 05:32 PM
Dungeon Siege and Mafia were the most fun I've had in gaming this year...GTA3 is in there as well, but Mafia just toasted that game IMO.

12-12-02, 05:35 PM
The three games I really looked forward to was Morrowind, Dungeon siege and Neverwinter nights.

I first bought Morrowind (second day of release here in sweden) I knew that i just had to buy it asap. ... Im an old Daggerfall fan. Man I was soo impressed of the nice envariouments. I still play the game now and then. It gets alittle tiersome when playing it on my old slow comp.

Next in line was Dungeon siege. Game plays nice, very nifty small features that feels very natural. Story really suxx ... (what story btw) way to linear and not very convinsing. Iam looking forward to the Ultima 5 mod that is in the making. The MP part is nice but I guess Im still so sick and tierd of Diablo 2 that I just cant play DS in MP yet.

Neverwinter nights ... Well the game is really different from what I imagine it to be, was looking forward to some more Baldurs gate like gaming but to find this alot more simple. I think the game play is rather nice but there is a big problem with the story of the game. Among all this chaos no one does ANYTHING... its just up to you alone, Not very convinsing if you ask me.
Like in the end of act 1. "- So what are you going to do now when I enter this portal and hunt down the bad guy?"
"- eeh Ill just stay here keeping the portal open?"
"-What about the guards?"
"Oh they are stiff very buissy clearing things up on the streets"
*things to my self: Yeah sure -- Ive just clensed this town completly clean and I _know_ the city guards just sits there hiding from something that I killed along time ago*
Havent played NWN online yet, But Ill try that as soon as my new comp is set up.

But then there was a few nice games I got to play that I never saw comming, Like Gothic ... but that wasnt released this year ?... dosent matter. Played it, liked it :)
And UT2003, cant say that I was looking forward to this game as I never was an UT fan. Boy was I impressed when my friend showed the game to me and we played it head to head in Lan.
Ill go buy that game as soon as my new rig is here :D

Well now im too tierd to go on,
Good night everyone :)

12-12-02, 05:40 PM
OH, online games...UT2003 is good, but I don't think it warrants a "best of". To be quite honest, I don't play online games as much as I used to, I've been too busy lately, but I think online, I had tons of phun with the BF1942 demo, I might pick that up after the holidays when the price drops under $30...plus I played DS online only, I didn't even START the single player game...

As for a sports game, Madden2003 was a lot better than 2002, even tho it looked pretty much the same, it ran faster, and gameplay issues I had were taken care of, top notch this year for sure...the NBA Live demo I tried was good, but it just didn't do it for me, I'm sure it'll sell a billion copies for consoles tho, especially with Snoop Dogg singing on the soundtrack...probably wy NBA Live wasn't on the PC last year as well...

12-12-02, 06:06 PM
PC games got better towards the end of the year.

My favs of 2002:

Medal of Honor Allied Assault
Age of Mythology
Warcraft 3
Hot Pursuit 2

Games that weren't so good (in my opinion):

Soldier of Fortune 2
MW4 Mercs
Starfleet Fleet Command 3
Jedi Knight 2
New World Order (that really sucked)

12-12-02, 07:02 PM
Originally posted by DaveW
Medal of Honor Allied Assault ah yes, very good, got better when patched...

12-12-02, 08:09 PM
The saddest part might just be that DS is up for running

I'd say NOLF 2, and DS gets second place.

Dungeon Siege has a crappy story but the gameplay was very....easy to get into.

Lands of Hyperborea (a mod for DS) is awesome, and I expect some more cool ones will show up soon

Actually I think the crappiest thing in DS was the voice setup. Like maybe 10% of the populace had voices, and they were amusing a first but I've come to realize that most of them are crap. :p

Anyway, I still love the game so s'all good

The Baron
12-12-02, 09:05 PM
UT2k3, Morrowind, WC3 (the mods are modalicious), GTA3.... JK2 was an insane disappointment in multi (jesus, it's amazing how people can make saber combat so entirely dependent on one strategy....)

12-13-02, 10:48 AM
Originally posted by Matthyahuw
Dungeon Siege and Mafia were the most fun I've had in gaming this year...GTA3 is in there as well, but Mafia just toasted that game IMO.

I totally agree..

DS and Mafia...
I would throw BF1942 into the mix but it was just to damn buggy for me..and the 15second long waits in between deaths makes the game a bit slow..

12-13-02, 11:46 AM
I think I'll get hold of BF1942 soon :cool:

I'll finally have a system that will play it ok:D

12-13-02, 12:59 PM
man, I still have Arena and Daggerfall, Morrowind and Tribunal were total disappointments. After Daggerfall Bethesda started making all these other crud games like Battlespire and Redguard, man, that ruined it, from then on they just made second-rate games. I hope they don't mess up Oblivion.:(

12-13-02, 01:30 PM
1.Shenmue 2 (DC)
2.Chrono Cross (PSX)
3.Shenmue 1 (DC)

That's the best games I played this year ! :)

12-13-02, 04:06 PM
best games for me would be SOF-II, ut 2003(even though im still on the demo:)) and warcraft III. Marrowind has great graphics but it got me bored after 1 hour of playing. I wish i never bought that game.

12-13-02, 05:02 PM
Originally posted by nin_fragile14
What were they for you? Overall, I thought the PC gaming scene was rather weak.


Dungeon Siege
No One Lives Forever 2


Warcraft 3
Serious Sam 2

Hyped garbage:

Neverwinter Nights

PC favorite:

Neverwinter Nights ( IMHO its alot better then Dungeon Siege <- doesn't have RPG at all me thinks just an action hack and slash )
No One Lives Forever 2 (ok but could have better graphics :p )


Warcraft 3 ( both games a bit dissapointing )
Serious Sam 2:rolleyes:

Hyped garbage:

NFS: HP 2 ( buggy , crappy no realism , music and cars are nice though :p )
Dungeon Siege

St Lobus
12-13-02, 08:21 PM
Just thought I'd chime in with my favorites here.

I really like Neverwinter Nights. I'm a Dungeons and Dragons player, so to see it translated so well for the PC was awesome. And in response to someones comment about being the only person to do anything about it, I do agree, it's dumb the guards didn't help out much. But, that is the way 90% of the campaigns I've played and heard about have gone. I thought the best part of NWN was the mod capabilities. I love the new Modules you can grab, and there are a ton out there. Sure, some are garbage, but there are some (Like Penultima) that are just plain fun.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault gets a vote. I loved the beach and still load it up every now and then just for a quick "WOW!" I got Spearhead using my Christmas bonus from work, so I didn't really pay for it. I'm enjoying that too.

Battlefield 1942 definitely gets my last vote to best of 2002. Very awesome ideas with the vehicles. Unbelievably addictive multiplayer. I've thrown many a lan party this year where that was all we played.

Honorable mentions would go to Morrowind (even though it did start to get tedious), Warcraft 3, UT 2003, Dungeon Siege, Rallisport Challenge, Madden 2003, and No One Lives Forever 2 (Co-op! YAY!!!)

EDIT: Forgot about consoles, how dare me! Metroid Prime is the best game this year and one of the best games I think I've ever played. The atmosphere draws you in a lot like the System Shock games did. They did things right with Metroid Prime.

lord kelvinn
12-13-02, 09:51 PM
My list

1)Jedi knight 2 JO
2)Mafia (this game really rocks)

12-13-02, 11:05 PM
right now my favorite games are

age of mythology - its just too fun playing on a lan with my 1-2 other people against each other or the computer.

madden 2003 - i like football

nba live 2003 - i like basketball

12-14-02, 09:36 AM
poor Arthas.. i like his sad destiny :)

very good graphics, old style combat(force, saber..)

Neverwinter Night
I don't know about RPG.
easy to play, nice graphic..and Aribeth..
that's all

12-16-02, 05:56 AM
worms blast is also nice for relaxation after playing hours of ut2k3.hehehe..... :D