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05-17-05, 04:17 PM
Hi There !

I've recently bought a new PC with the following config:

AMD Athlon 64 3500+
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe
2 Gb Samsung DDR-RAM PC-3200
Asus GeForce 6800 GT 256 Mb PCI-E
160 Gb Seagate SATA HD
Pioneer DVD+-RW
Soundblaster Audigy 2
Windows XP Pro SP2 OEM
Chieftec midi Tower w/420 Watt PSU

This should be a OK system, but I'm exp. some trouble running games on it. Eg. in Doom3 (First level, where You enter the space port): If i Try to sidestep in front of the door to the guard room it seems that the graphics is out of sync. Same problems seems to occur in Far Cry (sorry off tropic).
I'm running Doom3 in 1280x1024 High Quality no AA (tried Vertical Sync on/off, seems to make no difference, besides in the timedemo).

I've tried the following:
Different settings in display driver
Reinstalling with Org Asus Drivers for MB+Gfx
Reinstalling with Org latest Asus Drivers for MB+Gfx
Reinstalling with Org latest Nvidia Drivers for MB+Gfx
restore BIOS defaults + tried different settings.
update directx drivers (hmm, does the affect doom 3 ??? :) )
Inst. Another Asus GeForce 6800 GT Gfx card
Checking BIOS versions (updating BIOS)
Checking Temp. on Gfx+CPU
Applying latest game patches
Tweaking Doom 3 ini file
NOT OVERCLOCKED AT ALL !!!!! Everything is sandard.

Mailed Asus about the problem, but got something from them I think would qualify for a standard answer: "Check cooling for Gfx+CPU, Don't OC Your system, Restore BIOS to std. settings, update directx, apply latest game patches" - Been there, tried it and most defenetly didn't like it :(

Now, acctually, I really don't know what to try anymore.... So I really hope that some of You "Gurus" out there might have some suggestions to solve those problems.

With Kind Reguards


05-17-05, 04:47 PM
First of all, what do you mean by the graphics being out of synch? Are they choppy and does it seem like the frame rate is extremely low?

05-17-05, 06:32 PM
or maybe he has a laggy mouse (triple buffering can cause that)

05-18-05, 05:42 PM
Riptide: It's kind of hard to explain. Hmm, You know when there filming a PC monitor in movies, You sometimes see vertical bars moving because of a sync. problem - Its a bit of the same problem I have - Do You know where im getting at ? I've tried to record the output with a program called Fraps, but it "eats" to many frames to show the problem (it shows as lag instead).
When I run Doom 3 in 1280x1024@85 Hz High Quality, No AA No vertical sync, i have only apx 60-68 fps in front of the entrance to the space station (mentioned in my first post), is that normal ? Timedemo demo1 cache=77-80 FPS, is that normal ?
I don't see the problem in the timedemo, or mabye it's just to quick for me to notice. Hmm, mabye I can capture the problem via the tv-out........

DaveW: The easiest way that i can "provoke" the problem is to sidestep (a & d) in front of the entrance to the space station. But anyway tried dif. keyboard (PS/2 and USB) and dif. mouse (MS Intelli Exp. 4.0a (ps/2 and usb) and my good old Razer Boomslang 2000 (ps/2 and usb) - Same problem :(

With Kind Reguards