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05-18-05, 11:31 AM

1) When dealing with rampaging Jedi (especially after you've recently been stupidly coerced into slaughtering a few of their closest friends), stand behind tables! The longer the better.

These ancient artifacts and their accompanying chairs of mystical power act as impassable barriers. Even savvy Jedi will be hard-pressed to navigate around their invisible and quite impenetrable force fields, so keep one between you and them at all times.

If a table is unavailable for whatever reason, make for the nearest computer console or similarly boxy obstruction. It's all the same.


05-18-05, 11:40 AM
hehe, me and my bro saw the TV comercials for it..
first we thought "hey this might be neat, like the Jedi Knights games.."
then we realized this was a console game and came to the conclusion that it really cant be be good...
Movie base games rarely are, and when its developed for console only that just has to seal the deal..

05-18-05, 11:48 AM
What an amusing review. It looks like The Chronicles of Riddick is still the only good game to have been made from a movie :p

05-18-05, 11:51 AM
Actually Riddick isn't from a movie, the franchise yeah...but they did it right.

Do something that is going to be entirely OUTSIDE of the movie, so that you can actually do a real game.