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05-20-05, 03:21 PM
OK, I went home on my lunch today to swap out my video card with an X850 which has a dual slot cooler. And in the process I'm learning a few things about my Tsunami that I am not very crazy about. In fact I'm actually a bit frustrated with the thing. Here's why...

My X800 came out of the machine with relative ease. It was difficult to get the AGP lock pushed over because my Zalman makes it difficult to get your fingers in there. No big deal, took a little messing around, but it came loose.

Then the problem started. First of all the blanks that cover the open slots in the back of this thing are stuck on there tighter than a drum. There is a small lip that fits over the bottom edge that was so tight I was unable to pull the blank out of the slot (the X850 is a dual slot solution). I fought and fought with it, cussed a few times, and got a butterknife out of the kitchen and pried that little tab away enough that it finally came loose. I should NOT have to do that. That is bad manufacturing, design, or something but whatever it is it's nonsense.

Then along came the next problem, the one that really made me want to kill someone. The Tsunami was apparently never designed to accomodate a dual slot solution card. I don't know why they had to be special and use a complete POS plastic snap assembly in place of thumbscrews but the design of the thing made it such that I could not fix the X850 in to the slot. No way, no how. There is a little plastic divider that comes down between each slot right over the top where you would normally put the screws down. This little plastic divider is in the way when you try to put a dual slot card in where the two pieces at the top that screws would normally fit down through are a single piece. There is no way to fit it without modding the case, in this situation cutting that piece of crap plastic divider off of there. Which ofcourse I didn't have the snips for at the time. CURSE THERMALTAKE for this.

Look, I know this shouldn't be a big deal but it is frustrating when you go to do something as simple as install a video card and because of some idiot vendor's design you are stuck fighting with it for an hour. C'mon people learn from Lian Li. They know how to do a case.

I won't buy Thermaltake again. My time is precious. Lian Li makes it right. Simple, elegant, and it just works. My PC60, which contains my wife's PC, has the normal backplane to it with thumbscrews that tighten down the blanks instead of plastic garbage that gets in the way. It has more room, and a removable motherboard tray. These are items that you only miss once they are gone and BOY do I miss them.

So after work I am going to have to cut into that plastic assembly in order to fit the card. Something I should never have to do. :thumbdwn:

05-20-05, 06:22 PM
I'm glad I didn't go with your recommendation for that Tsunami when I was looking for a new case since I have a dual slot video card also.

Although the Shark is nice, it's not as roomy as I had hoped. So I'll keep it for awhile and get me a Lian-Li case :)

Sorry to hear you're having problems with it though :(

05-21-05, 12:31 AM
Turns out the entire plastic bracket that was in the way comes off. I just didn't realize that at first until a friend told me about it. Once that thing was off it became a lot easier to install the card. :)

I still like the Lian Li better though. :p

05-21-05, 03:50 AM
Heh, well best of luck to you and your spiffy new card!