View Full Version : Overheating Power Supply?

05-23-05, 03:23 AM
I was playing WoW tonight. And my my PC just shut down. For no reason. And it was having trouble powering back on. Briefly turning on. So I decided to remove the PSU. And low and Behold the PSU was like touching a hot grill. The thing was completely high tempature.

So figuring my PSU was fried. I took it out momentarily. Then after it cooled down I took a chance and put it back in. And guess what? Its powering up as normal. All the fans seem to be working and it doesnt appear to be overheating. I'm a little unsure as to what would cause it. Also a bit unsure how to proceed. I didnt pay for this PSU so dont think I cant return it. It supposively has over voltage protection for keeping the motherboard safe. But I'm unsure as to what to do with the PSU now.

My options are.

1) Dont use it. Wait a while till i can get the money to replace it.

2) Use it. Monitor it, and hope for best

3) You decide.

:\ Never dealt with a PSU overheating before. So I am honestly not sure how to proceed.

05-23-05, 06:12 AM
Did you open it up and give it a good cleaning? Some of the components may have been clogged with dust, causing heat to build up.

05-23-05, 08:02 AM
Ya I think it was a fan problem. And it seems that everything is ok now. But something is different. The temp sensors for RPM control for the PSU fans doesnt seem to be working. So its always full throttle now. Kinda annoying..

05-23-05, 09:13 AM
I am having power supply problems as well lately. I have a server running 24/7 and all of a sudden it just turns off and then turns on by itself. This thing is possessed! I guess it's time to invest in another PC Power and cooling PS and a UPS. This is the second Enermax PS that crapped out on me... never again! :thumbdwn: