View Full Version : Low FPS in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory....Please help!

05-23-05, 09:36 AM
I am getting about 20fps in SC:CT on my 6800 Ultra with 2xaa/4xaf with 1600x1200, SM 3.0, and all the settings on the highest. I ran the benchmark program for it that was posted in another thread and I got ~20fps and when using fraps on the first level in the outside parts I get ~20 fps while inside I get ~30. After reading other peoples results, it looks like I should be getting a lot higher fps. Can someone help? I have tried numerous drivers (used driver cleaner inbetween) and I am currently using the official 71.89.

*System specs in sig*

05-23-05, 07:31 PM
Thats normal .. SC:CT is very stressing even on a 6800U.
try disabling some options like HDR & lowering your res.
also make sure to enable Hardware Shadow Mapping for better performance.

05-23-05, 07:59 PM
512 MB of system RAM at those settings won't help you either.

05-23-05, 08:04 PM
If you have HDR on, AA should be off.

Edit: Oh, I'm in the 20s during some of it as well.

05-23-05, 08:05 PM
Add more Ram but it wont help too much, the game is stressing on current hardware.

05-24-05, 06:24 AM
1280x1024 seems to be the sweet point for current GeForce 6800 Ultra cards with all SM 3.0 features enabled. You need to run two cards in SLI to run higher resolutions.