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05-23-05, 08:23 PM
Im getting ready to build a new system, and need some help selecting a mother board. I have a P4 3.6ghz socket 775, that I just bought and now I need to pick a board. I dont want to spend more than $150 on it. My plans are, to be running 2gb ram, 256 video, soundcard, 120gb HD, zip drive, cd, DVD and and it needs to have at least 6 USB ports. I might also may be able to get an AMD FX-53 socket 940 chip for cheap, what would be a good board for that as well. UNder $150. Out of the 2 chips, which one would preform better for games, video, and internet?

05-23-05, 11:01 PM
You're SOL if you are gonna want something for the Intel side that would allow you a more expansive upgrade path. So far, the only mobo chipsets that would support full range Intel Socket 775 CPUs (Dual Core or not) would be the i945X, i955X and nVidia nForce 4. Not certain about the i945X, though the mobo's featuring the i955x and nVidia nForce 4 (Intel Edition) are $200+.

I'd opt for the nForce 4 Intel Edition over an extra gig of DDR-2. :)

As far as the AMD64, SLi is the future for nVidia. Might wanna concentrate your efforts there. If not, there are plenty good mobo's from DFI, Asus, MSI and Epox that would fit the bill. Depending on whether you are going SLi or not, there are several SLi mobo's that are slightly above or below that $150 budget you've set.

If not going SLi, you still have the same range.

Good luck

05-24-05, 01:19 AM
[...] I'd opt for the nForce 4 Intel Edition over an extra gig of DDR-2. :) [...]
That's a very good suggestion. Unless you use some particular programme/application that requires such a lot of RAM, you'd be better off with 1 gig of RAM for pretty much everything.

05-24-05, 06:11 AM
Socket 940 is dead so that wouldn't be a wise upgrade path. Also, you need to save up more money for the motherboard. $150 isn't going to cut it for the Intel 9xx line.