View Full Version : Holy drop in temps batman!

05-26-05, 07:12 PM
I worked on my case all last night and have managed to get my 6800GT idle temps to drop from 66 to 58 degrees C with no additional cooling. The main thing I did was change the placement of my two hard drives. I ripped out my floppy drive and card reader which never get any use and carefully squeezed the hard drives in their place at the top front of my case (were at bottom in front of video card) Then I moved a fan I had at the side of the case to the front where the hard drives were for an intake fan. Now I have a huge empty space in front of all my add in cards pci/agp where the front fan blows air. This is in a warm room with a cheap oem case (hardly any ventalation). I am quite proud of myself because I was thinking I'd have to get some additional cooling for the summer but now maybe not. If anyone wants to see what I did maybe I'll post a pic sometime. I'm not sure any of you would care though being its a pretty standard boring case.

05-26-05, 07:29 PM
nice job on that. a little management can go a long way sometimes ;)
post a pic!

05-26-05, 11:01 PM
Pictures are always a nice addition to a post about case cooling.


05-27-05, 01:08 AM
Man those 6800's run HOT! Nice work!