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05-26-05, 10:16 PM
Hey guys. I traded in my PS2 stuff for an XBOX last night and I bought Ninja Gaiden to get me started. I must say that the XBOX is an amazing jump from the PS2; way better console IMO. Any must have games that I need to buy? Halo 2 is ok but I would have to buy XBOX Live to even play it (SP looks stupid). I also wanna try out Forza Motorsports as well. What do you guys recommend?

05-26-05, 10:20 PM
Aside from the ones you mentioned...

Project Gotham Racing 2
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Elder Scrolls III Morrowind if u havent played it yet
Clancy games
Dead or Alive Ultimate or DOA3
Rallisport Challenge 2
MechAssault 2
Halo 1 (great single player)
Amped 2
Top Spin
Crimson Skies
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2
Jade Empire
Beyond Good and Evil
Fatal Frame 1 & 2

those are some good ones to start with along with the three you mentioned!

if you want to try some cool less popular titles
Azurik: Rise of Perathia
Toejam and Earl III
Spikeout Battle Street
Shenmue 2
Jet Set Radio Future
OutRun 2
Raze's Hell
Pure Pinball & Pinball Hall of Fame
UFC Tapout
Star Wars Obi Wan
Oddworld: Munch's Oddyssee
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
Voodoo Vince
Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball
Pro Race Driver and the sequel TOCA 2 Race Driver
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (actually a good beat em up if u dont hate the show)
Air Force Delta Storm
Blinx: The Timesweeper
Rayman 3
Guilty Gear X2 #Reload
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Capcom vs SNK 2:EO
Metal Slug 3

05-26-05, 10:21 PM
Most of the Tom Clancy titles are worth having if you like games like that. The first Ghost Recon was kind of dated graphically even during the time that it came out but Island Thunder (the sequel) looks a bit better.

05-27-05, 11:37 AM
My collection:

Dead or Alive 3 - realworld style Hand to hand combat .... with babes
Elder Scrolls Morrowind - great solo RPG storytelling
Halo, Halo2 - head-on flat out FPS
Oddworld Munch's Odyssey - silly platform game
Outlaw Golf 2 - excellent golf physics with humor
Prince of Persia Sands of Time - the definitive platform game
Soul Calibur II - Swords adn hand-to-hand
Splinter Cell - sneaky FPS
SSX3 - snowboarding with technique
Sudeki - team RPG
Unreal Championship - traditional FPS fragging

05-27-05, 11:48 AM
save some cash for Conker: Live and Uncut which will be coming out in a couple of weeks too :)

05-27-05, 12:07 PM
Out of the Xbox games I have, about the only ones I play are Halo, Outlaw Volleyball, Top Spin and Blood Rayne 2. Mercenaries was fun for a while. I haven't really liked many of the racing games (the main reason I bought a console) but I guess Burnout 3 is probably my favorite out of NFSU, SRS, Rallisport Challenge 2, and Burnout 3.

The Outlaw sports games are pretty fun and you can usually find them for like $10 or so.

05-27-05, 07:27 PM
Thief 3- I played it on Pc and Xbox and on Xbox it's a much better game. the Xbox controls are much more natural.

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction- great split screen game, a ton of fun for the arcade driving game buff.

MLB2K5- I haven't played MVP05 yet, but Ihave MLB2k5 and it's a great game and I have read a lot on the 2 and MLB is almost always the top pick. A buddy of mine who is not a gamer has played MLB on my system and MVP on somebody else's and he prefers MLB.

05-27-05, 09:02 PM
Kingdom Under Fire (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=39138), Phantom Dust (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=48343), and Breakdown definately get my "great but underappreciated" award. All of them are $20, and well worth every penny. Especially Breakdown, if you enjoy first-person action games and want to experience an interesting story that has a satisfying ending (*glares at Half-life 2 and Halo 2*).

05-27-05, 09:32 PM
If you like Doom 3, Doom 3 co-op has been a lot of fun. Did that for about 3 or 4 hours this evening. It's not scary at all playing this way though.

05-28-05, 12:54 AM
Thanks for the recommendations guys. I've been playing Ninja Gaiden and that is probably the hardest game I've ever played in my live. Also, I've been playing Midnight Club 3 and that is pretty kick arse. Halo 2 is pretty fun too. I found a 2 months XBOX Live card at work tonight so I'm going to use it here pretty soon lol.

05-28-05, 01:32 AM
Burnout 3!!!!!

05-28-05, 10:23 AM
Burnout 3!!!!!

I had that game for PS2 and it was freakin sweet. Can't wait to get Burnout Revenge.

05-28-05, 10:25 AM
Oh yea, burnout revenge looks awesome :)

05-28-05, 12:49 PM
Hell, Burnout for the PSP is supposed to be launched later this year, can't wait :D

But ya as far as xbox games go, here are my choices that come up in mind first:

Mortal Kombat Deception
Soul Calibour
Brute Force
House of the Dead III, (with MadCatz gun is even better ;) )

05-29-05, 01:39 AM
Well, I found a 2 month free trail of Live at work and I'm loving that. Halo 2 on Live is pretty sweet! I'd also like to play some other games . . .

05-29-05, 05:47 AM
One game I that I believe has not been recommended yet is Moto GP 2, it is an excellent motorcycle racing game. You should be able to find it fairly cheap, definetly get that if you dont already own it. Also Moto GP 3 should be out pretty soon.

05-29-05, 06:21 AM
Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate is one of my current Favorites and my roommate and I find ourselves playing Guilty Gear XX alot aswell.

If your into RPGs, Phantasy Star Online with 4 player splitscreen is alot better then the solo and online mode in my book.

05-30-05, 04:47 PM
Oh yea, burnout revenge looks awesome :)

He might as well get that for XBOX360 tho ;)

05-30-05, 05:32 PM


Unfortunately it doesn't have Live support.

05-30-05, 07:06 PM
I agree with most of the recommendations made by the other posters, but if you like fast paced action games you should get Mercenaries. It is sort of a Grand Theft Auto meets World War III game with a fully explorable (and destructable) gameworld set in a near future war torn Korea. A very addictive game.