View Full Version : Strange artifacting, please help

05-27-05, 04:51 PM

A friends machine recently began artifacting heavily.

Winchester 3200+
6600 GT.

Ran fine for about 2 months, then yesterday, while it was freakishly hot outside, the thing crashed badly while playing guild wars.

Ever since then it artifacts in windows when GPU drivers are installed. Tried both 71.89 and 76.45, no difference whatsoever.

Remove GPU drivers and the screen is crystal clear. Anyone experience something like it?

I'm running SFC on his machine right now to see if its the OS or not. But it doesn't sound like hardware as it only artifacts in windows with drivers installed. *shrug*

05-27-05, 04:55 PM
Could be:

1) Not enough voltage supplied to the card. If this be the case, try connecting the power to a another cable on the power supply.

2) Vid Card Fan not getting enough ventilation. Get a can of air and blow the dust out of your system. Then, move any cards nect to that slot away from it.