View Full Version : How do you take out a pci-e card?

05-28-05, 10:49 PM
Ok, as n00b as this sounds, I just don't want to break anything on my new mobo. I see that pci-e slots have a different prong at the end of the slot, what do I do to allow it to loosen the card? Does it push down like the little plastic thing on the agp slots? Doesn"t look like it from the pic. Here's a pic of my mobo http://img261.echo.cx/img261/3871/84591os.th.jpg (http://img261.echo.cx/my.php?image=84591os.jpg)

See I cheated this time around and got one built @ a small shop by my house for a great deal. (Would have cost me more to build myself) The only draw back was the video card. He put a 5900 pci-e in there, which is now blocking this little handle, so I never got to look at the mobo bare and play with it to see how to loosen the card.

If someone can let me know i'd appreciate it cause I'm going tomorrow to buy a x800XL pci-e.

05-28-05, 10:56 PM
Its a little spring loaded pin that you pull out (pull toward pci slots), some AGP boards have them and from the looks of the pic its the same thing.

05-28-05, 10:59 PM
so I pull it towards the regualr pci slots or up toward the 1x pci-e slots? Thanks for the reply. I was thinking it might bend over toward the chipset, but that wouldn't look right.

05-28-05, 11:05 PM
It's a spring loaded plunger that you pull in the direction away from where the CPU is (down, whatever you want to call it).