View Full Version : Question about Dual DVI head 6800GT Setup

05-28-05, 11:44 PM
I just got a new BFG 6800GT Dual DVI head PCI-E.
When I bring up the Display Properties > Settings, it only has one display listed. I can setup the Dual Display in nView as it detects another monitor connected, but it only allows me to do Hor/Vert spanning or Clone mode and I can't do Dual View.
I have a 6800 AGP that is DVI/VGA in another system and I can setup the resolutions independently in the Display Properties (and this is the way I've always been able to do it with all my other cards). Is this something you can't do w/ dual DVI heads?

On a side note, I will be RMA'ing this card since one of the DVI ports look to be giving a bad signal since it keeps giving me fuzzy lines but the other port is fine (maybe this is related).

05-28-05, 11:57 PM
The behavior you describe is not characteristic to all Dual-DVI NVIDIA cards, but may be characteristic of your particular model. I have a FX 5700 dual-DVI card that allows nView dual view as well as clone and spanning.

05-29-05, 11:22 AM
Nvidias multimonitor-drivers are full of bugs....

Btw, does both monitors show up in the normal Windows-desktop setup?

05-29-05, 11:56 AM
No, the only monitor that shows up in the Windows desktop is the one that is connected to the DVI port closest to the MB.

05-29-05, 03:25 PM
Hmm... i had that problem too... But i think it got fixed after a reboot?