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05-30-05, 05:28 AM
Hi there
Looking into building a new system and taking the opportunity to switch from Intel to AMD.
The CPU's I have in mind are the AMD Athlon64 4000+ or the 3800+.
Because I have an 6800GT AGP card that is only a few months old, I'm loath to move to PCIE at this stage, thus I am limited to AGP based boards.
I have three in mind:
Gigabyte K8NA ULTRA-939
ABIT AV8-3rd Eye
ASUS A8V Deluxe.
Being new to the AMD line of CPU's I'm looking for yur advice on:
a) Which of the 2 CPU's wud be best suited to my AGP card and;
b) Depending on which CPU yu guys suggest, which of the above motherboards wud be best suited to the CPU

Many thanks in advance


05-30-05, 11:16 AM
Well, judging by the CPU options you have chosen Im guessing you arent on as tight a budget as I was, but look in my sig. I just bought an Epox 9NDA3J and a 3000+ Venice core for roughly $240 and now my CPU is running faster than a 4000+.

To be honest, this Epox board has been an absolute dream to work with. Overclocking is a snap, and if I set something that the ram\cpu doesnt like, when it gives me a beep error on start up, it temporarily runs at default settings so i can boot into the bios to change it back. I dont know if other boards do this, but it took about 2 hours off my overclocking time :p

Amazing board. I highly recommend this or the Epox 9NDA3+ which has dual lan and some extra little goodies but is basically the same board as mine. As for the CPU, I find it difficult to recommend expensive CPUs at all when ones that cost 300-400 less can be overclocked to the same speed. If you arent overclocking though, get the best you can. The 4000+ would be the best.