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Team Scream
05-31-05, 12:26 AM
Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and in need of help, I have been lurking here for a couple of weeks and just registered after I got my system built and figured maybe someone could help me, anyway.....after a good "beating" on my new system over the weekend, I am somewhat dissapointed in the performance with games.
If you look at my sig you can see what I have set up.
My favorite and most played game is the new FIA-GTR racing sim.

I had this game installed on my older (A7N8X Deluxe) system with an ATI-9700 Pro AIW and the game was flawless, never a hickup or stutter at all and that system had less memory, was run from a single (non raid) boot drive and I never had an issue.

Now with this new system, I am booting from SATA Raid-0, the game is installed on the other (IDE) Raid-0 array, and I get fairly severe "stuttering" in the middle of any game I play, I can be racing along and the screen appears to freeze for very brief moments then resume and then a few corners later (racing game) it will do it again, and then it seems to run fine for the rest of the game.

This is my first Nvidia based GPU, I have been an ATI guy for a long while now but I went with the EVGA 6800GT based on the HW Leaderboard reviews from PCper.com.

This is totaly unacceptable to me and I need some help figuring out what it may be. Is it the video card for sure? and how do I test that or know for certain?

I have some of the benchmarking stuff but I am really not that sure how to decipher the results, however here are some test results:

PC Mark 2004
Overall - 4241
Memory - 4931
CPU - 3823
Graphics - 6872

Sandra (lite)
Multimedia Benchmark:
Integer - 19169 it/s
Floating Point - 20169 it/s

HD Tach
SATA Raid (boot) - 118 MB/s sequential read
IDE Raid (games) - 117.7 MB/s sequential read

Triscore - 60,597
GFX - 8,889
CPU - 9,517

I have no idea what to think about these test results, all I know is that this new system which I built exactly 1 week ago feels faster in daily use, surfing the web, decrypting DVD's and shrinking them, printing, working in PhotoShop and other graphics apps but in the few games that I have played (FarCry, FIA-GTR, UT-2004) it does not seem to perform any better than my 2 year old system with an AGP card (9700 Pro) a gig less memory and no raid.

I am seriously considering either returning this 6800GT and getting a ATI X800 (or something like that) or selling it (eBay?) unless I can discover (with your help) that I have something configured wrong or whatever.
I am less than satisfied for sure.
Please let me know what you guys think, I am NOT overclocking this system in any way, I just want a serious game machine and a digital video workstation that will last me a couple of years, that I can upgrade to dual core when the price reaches the "reality" zone.
This is the first time that I have built a new system and felt like the preformance was just slightly better than my last system, every other build gave me the feeling of going from a Yugo to a Marinello.
any help greatly appreciated!
Team Scream :confused:

05-31-05, 08:36 AM
Is there a PCI-E setting that is similar to AGP Fastwrites? I just had a similar problem with my setup and that turned out to be the problem. Check around in the BIOS for something like that.

05-31-05, 02:44 PM
defrag you HD!

Team Scream
05-31-05, 04:06 PM
defrag you HD!

Brand new build, newly formatted HD's, new RAID-0, 1 week old,
cant really be much fragmentation there dont you think?

Team Scream
05-31-05, 04:21 PM
Ok here is the latest on this deal.

I went into the display properties settings for the 6800GT, and after reading the other threads in this forum regarding the clock frequencies of the 6800GT series GPU's I decided to use the "detect optimal settings" feature and it returned settings of 406/1.11, so I hit apply and went out and played the game.
It was faster and smoother than I ever thought possible, and my temps reported immediately after playing the game for about an hour were :
GPU Core: 73c
Ambient : 46c

at idle like now they read:

GPU Core: 64c
Ambient: 46c

Now do I need to start thinking about the 1.4v mod reffered to HERE (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=36901&page=14&pp=15) or if my system is stable with these new settings should I just go with it?
Also is 46c ambient a little too warm for this machine? I have the stock Athlon64 HSF, and 1 fan in the case (the one that came stock on the Antec P-160), I do not want a machine that howls like a 747 on take off roll but I would like to remain stable, fast and QUIET.

On another note my new Aquamark3 scores are as follows:

65,283 (total)
GFX - 9939
CPU - 9510

Is this a good thing?
Please remember I am not an overclocker by nature, and I am really newb when it comes to understanding what all of the settings and terminology mean, but I am technically inclined enough to know how to follow directions and suggestions. So please take it easy on me.
And THANKS for all the help and replies. :eek:

06-01-05, 02:09 AM
For comparing your AQ3 scores, check this thread:


Your temps look fine to me. I'd stick with the new "optimal settings" and wouldn't do the 1.4 volt mod.

06-01-05, 05:05 AM
Brand new build, newly formatted HD's, new RAID-0, 1 week old,
cant really be much fragmentation there dont you think?
Actually as soon as your done installing your fav apps your hard drive will be fragmented. I have a seperate "games" partition and after installing HL2 the drive was reportedly 80% fragmented and CS:S was stuttering like hell until I ran O&O 8.

06-01-05, 05:10 AM
Brand new build, newly formatted HD's, new RAID-0, 1 week old,
cant really be much fragmentation there dont you think?

After installing XP and all your programs the drive will be fragmented, it's always recommended to de-fragment your drive after you've finished installing.