View Full Version : Star Wars Episode I: Racer and 6x.xx drivers

05-31-05, 03:53 PM
Yes I know it is a very old game, but I really love it. I bought a 6600gt AGP so I had to upgrade the driver from a 56.72 (for my previous G3 Ti500) to 66.93 or later in order to recognize my new card. O have tried every Forceware driver up to the 71.89 and with everyone I have a problem playing this game (when the race is gointg to start, the screen turns into red and you can hardly see only some elements). I do not have any problem with any other game I have played lately (mainly sports like FIFA2005, TW2005, TopSpin, etc...).
Do anybody know if there is any compatibility problem between this game and this new card (or drivers after 66.xx)?. I have searched the web for a released patch for the game but I couldn't find anything.
Will I have to left behind my beloved game for the "much more spped that the 6600GT gave me against my old G3 Ti500?.


06-01-05, 01:47 AM
Could have something to do with DirectX or OpenGL. Are you running Windows XP? And do you have all the updates for Windows installed?

06-02-05, 02:36 PM
thanks for your interest (by the way I am using Windows XP Pro SP1) but I think I finally solved the problem.
I turned off AGP FastWrite and installed again the last official driver 71.89, doing a clean installation (running Drivercleaner in safety mode first) and, the most important thing, I close eMule (p2p program) before running the game.
It is funny but the problem, still persist if I do not close eMule before running the game, even though the downloading and uploading directory is in other disk than the game itself. Also eMule doesn't seem to use to much CPU resources, and all my other games run well with it in the background.
Anyway, with this installation and Fastwrite off, all the games (including Star Wars Racer) seems to run smoother (I had the 71.84 driver installed before).
¿Anyone ever heard about games not running properly with p2p programs running in the background (like eMule, eDonkey or bittoreent)?


06-03-05, 10:57 PM
Man I loved that game. It was kick ass.
The graphics were so cool for the day it was made. :D