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05-31-05, 08:07 PM

What is the world coming to? How is it possible that this movie won 2 6800ULtras and an nforce 4 SLi mobo? It must have been the only entry. News flash for all those who are looking to upgrade to Sli for cheap: keep tabs on the Nvidia site for contests like these, they should be a cake walk for anyone with some basic video skills. Mind you, it would take some guts to make a rap like that and then have it posted for all to see.


05-31-05, 08:13 PM
That was ridiculous!!

Pandora's Box
05-31-05, 08:16 PM
ur kidding me right?

05-31-05, 08:44 PM
All I can say is...wow. That was terrible. And he won 2 6800 ultras and a mobo. Ridiculous. Did no one else enter? :eek: