View Full Version : Rallisport Challenge Cheats For The PC (anyone got any?)

12-13-02, 10:12 PM
I have GOT to have access to more tracks than this game initally allows.

I've tried all the codes for RC that are listed as working on the XBox version, but none of them work on the PC version.

Anyone know of any for the PC version specifically, or a saved game file that has enough $$$ to open up the remaining tracks.

Either one will be appreciated!

Post the links if you've got 'em, please!

12-14-02, 12:52 AM
Thanks so much Alien8ed for that link.

A quick d-load and...presto! Full access to cars/tracks.

In other words, the way the game was MEANT to be played (I gotta pay $40 for it only so the developer can aggrevate me by limiting access to it...its a sad trend nowadays, unfortunately).

Thanks again for the assist!