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06-01-05, 03:49 AM
I am new to the forum. I am nVidia fan. I own a BFG Geforce 6600 GTOC PCI Express card. I bought the graphics card in february. I didnt overclock the card. The card itself is overclocked by the manufacturer.

My problem is a bit strange one. All the games ran fine from february to april. I had a cheap 400W powersupply (SMPS) at that time, so computer used to restart when I played Unreal Tournament 2004 and Chaos Theory demo. One day, after a couple of restarts, I had been getting strange graphics corruption or tearing or artifacts.

The display of the card is fine. I can run games which use Software Rendering and all the 2D games run fine. The problem is with 3D games - both Opengl and Direct3D. After browsing forums and looking for help, I found that the SMPS I owned wasnt enough and hence I bought Antec SmartPower 400W which has 23A on 12V rail. After installing the new SMPS also, I am getting the weird things. My graphics card temperature while at the load is at 65C.

Oflate, I found a scratch near the PCIE slot on the motherboard, due to which my computer didnt even start. No LED, no power. When I observed carefully, I found the scratch. I used a pencil and drew on the scratch. Then when I pressed the power button, voila ! my computer started again. One day, I rubbed the pencil marks on the motherboard and tested, then the computer didnt start at all again. So, again I had to draw a bit on the scratch to make the computer work again.

My pc details :

Pentium 4 520 2.8Ghz HT
BFG Geforce 6600 GTOC 128MB PCIE
Antec SmartPower 400W with 23A on 12V
Microsoft Windows XP SP2
nVidia 71.84 drivers

Since BFG has lifetime warranty, I can go for an exchange if the card is found to be faulty. But the problem is, I live in India and there are no service centres of BFG here. I dont know whether I can sort out the thing by sending the card through courier.

I attached a couple of screenshots taken with my graphics card. Is this really the artifacts thing ? Can anyone help me out in this ?

06-01-05, 06:16 AM
Couple things here. First, a cheap power supply can destroy your components, either immediately or slowly. Your cheap original power supply could very well have been damaging the video card (and motherboard for that matter) over time until one day it finally gave out. Also, the fact that you used a pencil to get your motherboard working likely could have fried some important circuitry, causing both the board and video card to fry. First thing I would do is replace that motherboard. If you still get video corruption, then it's time to see about replacing that video card. BFG's technical support line is a toll-free call in the USA (the call center is actually not too far from my present location) and I imagine it would be the same for international people. You can also send them an e-mail.

Have you tried another video card in your machine or can you test your 6600 in another system?