View Full Version : Is it a nvidia or 3dsmax bug?

06-01-05, 08:55 AM
My two configurations:
P4 3.2ghz, 2GB ram, 3 SCSI 2 hard disk, MSI FX5900XT, W2K, CRT Dual screen
P4 3.2ghz, 2GB ram, 3 IDE hard disk, MSI FX5900XT, W2K, 1 Sony TFT screen

On the two MSI FX5900XT (2 different computers) I encounter under 3dsmax 7.5 strange behaviors:

If I enable "Desktop Manager" into Nview, "Material editor" window under 3dsmax do not refresh at normal speed:
When swapping from a material to other, material parameters do refresh until after 1 second and not immediately like on normal process.

And where it's wired: if I disable "Desktop Manager" everything is ok! Of course, I made few test with different version of NVIDIA and MSI drivers with no success. :eek:

So the question is: is it a NVIDIA driver bug or 3dsmax driver? What to do? Do any encounter same problem?

Any help welcome!



oops is it the good forum? sorry if not!

06-01-05, 05:01 PM
You need to mention the forceware version you're using :)

No problems here with nview in dualview mode with 3dsmax7.5 and the material editor. I'm using the 71.89 forceware, without any of the window effects like transparency enabled for nview, only the basic nview window menu for windows to move between desktops. Also i'm using the maxtreme viewport driver, but i'll check with the D3D/OGL drivers for this problem next time i'm in max.

06-02-05, 02:30 AM
maxtreme: it is only for quadro video card and mine is only a FX5900XT.

I will probably buy one on my next computer but I have a bad experience with such dedicated card with ATI Fire GL: as developper I was very surprise to discover that these ATI card wasn't design to...play games!!! and so to test them on Fire GL computer.

About driver version I tryed the last from MSI: 76.45 and the last of Nvidia 71.89 with no luck.