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06-01-05, 03:31 PM
OK, I'm having a problem with this game and it persists even after rebuilding the PC. I doubt this is a hardware problem as the computer works fine with the other game I have installed (CS:S) and all other applications run without any issues.

The game gets stuck in a loop (sound repeats forever) and it freezes up. This is a soft lock, I can bring up task manager by pressing ctrl-alt-del and the application shows as not responding. If I end task I get back to the desktop and I can relaunch it OK. This problem comes up most often when I press escape to get to the in-game menu. It also comes up sometimes during gameplay, though in no particular spot. This can happen after playing for 15 minutes or 2 hours. Very much intermittent.

Again, I have reinstalled the OS recently and the problem persisted. What I don't know is if this is an ATI driver issue or if we're talking a game problem here.

Anyone else experiencing problems like this?

06-01-05, 04:22 PM
Which .64 drivers are you using for you video card? How about mobo?

06-01-05, 04:59 PM
System is in the sig. Using Catalyst 5.4. Not sure if this was coming up in 5.5, I think it was. But I won't touch 5.5 any more, it's a total POS. At least the 64bit version is anyways.

06-01-05, 09:54 PM
Hmmm escape crashes remind me of the old sound crashes in hl when pressing escape. Definatly a game issue, could be related to the drivers, but i have a feeling its on the game side. As was the case for the hl sound crashes when pressing escape or first joining a server. Have you tried with just 1 stick of ram vs 2 if u are using 2?

06-01-05, 10:22 PM
Nah, I haven't pulled any hardware. I honestly doubt it's the RAM or my machine probably couldn't fold work units as reliably as it does nor would CS:S work so perfectly well (no stuttering/popping sounds either).

The reality is it's going to be difficult to get a handle on this since not that many people are using XP64 yet. In a few more months or so that might change but for now the pool of people that I can draw experience from is pretty limited.

06-01-05, 10:34 PM
Run Prime95 (http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft.htm) torture test, the one with alot of ram testing..
that way you know for sure..

FC is pretty sensitive about RAM, so is CS:S tho but Its worth checking out..
I played almost all games stable, ran Prime and it failed the RAM every time..
After some research it appears that my CPU doesnt really support 2x 512MB double sided modules at 400mhz.. stable when dropped to 333mhz.