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06-01-05, 09:08 PM
Ok, we put up with Untold Legends because hey, it's a handheld right? It's a brand new system, and even though we've played this game like...a million times hey, it's an epic RPG that we can play PORTABLY, woohoo!......

We also got Wipeout Pure (which is a pretty good game on its own merit) and relished in our racing coolness that was just teh roxX0rz. Then we started getting the movies....which is nice....I gotta say.......

......but what did we really buy the PSP for?
Games? Great, so where are they? Infected sure looks good, and so does that pursuit force game (actually, that game looks GREAT). Dead to Rights, where are you?

And, also....there was like this little wireless thing that I can turn on sometimes.......which is cool....but what should I do with it? Network updates? Multiplayer w/other PSP's??? mmmkay...that's great...but where's our web browser?

Well given that Sony had NOTHING to say about any of that, umm...k great....I should have bought a DS and waited on the PalmOS update for it.


If you were expecting the rampaging momentum from the PSP's launch just a short while back to have rolled into E3 2005, gaining even more energy from a slew of new titles, you were wrong. Even big daddy Sony had little to talk about with its handheld baby -- Sony Computer Entertainment was preoccupied with a little console announcement called PS3. PSP did get a nod there when it was officially announced that both the PS3 and PSP will be able to connect to one another through Wi-fi -- that's a whole year away, and a whole other system sharing the only glory the PSP had. No news on the GPS project, no news on microphone add-ons for the system, no word on a BIOS update and the expected new features, little to no word on further online capabilities (much less inclusion in future titles -- just about every game that can have it should by this time next year, but we didn't get the feeling in talking with developers that this is the plan) ... and not really all that many new games to distract us from everything else being so quiet. Gran Turismo 4 Mobile wasn't even here in any form.

Publishers are still getting used to producing for PSP and are really just beginning to commit their plans for the system -- the launch was an important effort to rush for, but past those early projects, everybody has had to regroup and reorganize to determine how this system fits into their business. PlayStation Portable fits into an odd middle spot between the usual handheld production requirements (which have traditionally been treated with neglect and slim budgets) and the current scale of console design (which have become so bloated that studios are closing or selling out on a daily basis.) A project for this handheld system can be expensive and complicated, but strong game sales and fan support of the system have given producers the go-ahead to hit this system hard. A number of still-to-be-announced games will give PSP continued force through 2005, and E3 2006 should be a whole other kind of show for this handheld. At the show, however, the PSP quietly sat in the corner, literally underneath the stairs (SCEA's main PSP arena was under the balcony leading to the PS3 showcase), and bided its time for its next strike.

Yeah, well talk is cheap, stfu with that garbage.

Graphics like this for all the other games just isn't going to cut it for a system that boasts "A PS2 IN THE PALM OF YOUR HANDS"


Vagrant Zero
06-01-05, 10:03 PM
I bought it for games. Also, having bought almost every console on launch I've gotten used to the drought of games that is always a part of the deal. Launch games are great fun and all but what then...what comes after. The obligatory wait. Something I don't have with my ps2, finish one game, there's another to take it's place, done with Devil May Cry 3, there's God of War, done with that there's Digital Devil Saga, done with that etc etc. As far as I'm concerned no systems reaches must buy status until at least 2 years in.

As for the DS, grass is always greener, but in this case there's less of it. If your beef with the PSP is lack of games I doubt you'd be terribly happy moving over to the equally game starved DS.

Regardless I bought my PSP for the same reason I bought my PS2 and eventually my PS3. It'll become the home to many RPGs [there's already a few released/in the works waiting localization]. And considering that's my favorite genre...well there you have it.

06-01-05, 10:06 PM
Makes me glad I was able to return my PSP for a full refund. The multimedia capabilities do nothing for me because I have my laptop from work to listen to music and watch DVDs. The only remotely decent game for me was Tiger Woods and I have that for Xbox.

I contemplated getting a DS, but the investment in a DVD-ROM for my laptop has proven to be of significantly more value.

06-01-05, 10:24 PM
thats a lot of titles coming this year for the movies and games. gt4, madden, and gta should be worth the price of buyin the psp alone when they come. i cant wait. not to mention the homebrew stuff that will come when version 1.5 is cracked. slow start yeah ill give you that for the psp, but i see a lot of potential for the future of this handheld. not to mention capcom plans to release 10 titles before the end of the year :D

06-02-05, 12:08 AM
And here I was saving my pennies to get one.

Guess I'll just wait for a while :)

Son Goku
06-02-05, 12:50 AM
Personally, I'm waiting for PS3 to come out... Hopefully it's launch won't be as problematic as some people are claiming PSP is... Until then, my PS2 and Game Qube (have both of them) can hold me over as far as concils go...

06-02-05, 07:26 AM
PSP lacking games? Yeah... go get a DS... The PSP launched with more games then the DS had after 6 months on the market. There are new titles releasing every month for the system aswell.

Im personally waiting for Tales of Eternia and Y's.

06-02-05, 07:40 AM
What are you guys complaining about? When in the history of handheld or home console gaming have you seen dozens and dozens of games available at launch? The PSP has only been out for a few months!! Just because Sony decided to focus on the PS3 at E3 that doesn't mean that they are abandoning the PSP. Be patient.... good things come to those who wait! ;)

06-02-05, 08:26 AM
I sold mine over a month ago. Haven't regretted it yet, nor have I seen any good reason to. I didn't buy it to be a multifunction device. I have things that do everything the PSP does better. Digital camera? Got one. MP3 player? Check. Movie player? Hmm...yeah, I THINK my PC can do that...:rolleyes:

Handheld gaming was my one and only interest in the PSP and not a single decent game (aside from Lumines and Wipeout) is or is going to be out on it any time soon, if ever. I'm failing to see its tremendous graphical advantage over the DS (aside from filtered textures). I mean, I'm sorry, Metal Gear Acid looked awful (like PS1 quality) and Wipeout, while pretty, was pretty damn low-poly. I gave in to marketing hype for this one and it came back to bite me. At least I'll know better next time. My anticipation for the next gen consoles is next to zero. I think my PS2 and Gamecube will do just fine from now on (and, of course, my SNES which I still play).

06-02-05, 09:14 AM
There was me about to pre-order to it today.

Son Goku
06-02-05, 09:33 AM
As to games that might come out; the pragmatic thing would be to wait until the games one wants to play are already on the market. Yes they can add games, and if per chance they've added a game someone wants to play, it'd still be at the store.

Given some of the problems it's having in early generation, and also given the fact that I'm a college student who doesn't have money to burn, I'd rather waite then be an early adopter.

All said, I don't really *need* a hand held. It isn't like I could play it when driving my car (and playing it while in class would likely get a few dirty looks from teachers ;) ) or what not, anyhow :D Likely, sometime after the PS3 comes out though, I'll need to upgrade it, if I still want to be able to play new Playstation games...

06-02-05, 02:55 PM
Wait, let me get this straight..Sony hyped a product and it didn't live up to expectations? Nah, I'm not going to believe that..

06-02-05, 03:03 PM
I still love mine, great way to fill time if you're waiting somewhere.

06-02-05, 03:39 PM
If I were to buy one now I'd buy a DS simply because it has better games planned for it, however PSP is brand new so you never know what will be available in say, a year.

06-03-05, 01:52 PM
I still enjoy mine. I played the heck out of wipeout cause I love that series, then I went to ridge racer, now dynasty warriors, I take my time with each game and only play on the train to and from school, keeps things fresh. I have my eye on Coded Arms coming out June 28th. First fps for the psp, gotta own it for the history of it alone. =) Looks like it will be fun too. Check it out on gamespot.com

06-03-05, 06:27 PM
PSP lacking games? Yeah... go get a DS... The PSP launched with more games then the DS had after 6 months on the market. There are new titles releasing every month for the system aswell.

Im personally waiting for Tales of Eternia and Y's.

couldn't agree more...DS coming out with some good launch titles...wow I fiind that hard to believe, oh wait Mario Kart #10 and Wario World 20 do sound very tempting to buy ;)....I am 100% satisfied with my PsP, never regret purchasing it. I may not use all the multimedia functions that it has, but I buy a handheld for on-the-road gaming. I don't carry my 25lb Desktop machine in my car with me, I certantly do not own a laptop, as I would never have use for one, and I hate Palm OS. so go PSP!

06-04-05, 12:16 PM
let's see the ds pull off battlefield 2 and gta liberty stories, then I might buy one. =)

06-04-05, 12:37 PM

06-04-05, 12:42 PM
Burnout Legends!

edit: and i cant wait to see what marvel nemesis looks on the psp. check out the gameplay footage off the gamecube, looks like pure fun! :D (reminds me a bit of powerstone)

06-04-05, 10:19 PM
I played Marvel Nemesis at E3, It looked awsome but the controls were very hard. Your forced to use the digital stick sicne its a fully 3d fighting enviroment so it takes quiet a bit to get use to. Graphically and Gameplay wise it rocked though, very smooth.

06-04-05, 11:35 PM
I played Marvel Nemesis at E3, It looked awsome but the controls were very hard. Your forced to use the digital stick sicne its a fully 3d fighting enviroment so it takes quiet a bit to get use to. Graphically and Gameplay wise it rocked though, very smooth.
pretty cool, did you play the psp version or a console version? wish i had screens of the psp version to put on the next issue of my mag.

06-04-05, 11:54 PM
PSP version

06-05-05, 12:37 AM
nice :D
should have taken pictures!

06-05-05, 10:23 AM
I had tempting thoughts about getting one, but after the waste that was the DS(don't get me wrong, its a decent system, but the library is horrible), I think I'll save my money for BF2 and GTA: San Andreas for the PC.

06-05-05, 08:43 PM
Oldskool, I know how you feel.

The PSP is an excellent platform, but Sony has done nothing with it. The only games coming out are ports of old existing games (usually with half the stuff cut out). The only game I play occasionally is Lumines. I keep Wipeout around, just for the web browser hack.

As a portable movie player is pretty cool, I just wish Sony would unlock the resolution limits and codecs for playing off the memory stick.

Otherwise the software is lacking. Its capable of being a web browser, email client etc, but Sony has announced nothing. Either their aren't going to do it, or they are going to shaft us by making some pack that you have to buy (and probably have to run from a UMD too).

It will be uber cool if we ever see open source grow on it. Those with 1.0 firmware (Jap only) are already running SNES and GBA emulators on it. Most of us are stuck with the 1.5 encrypted firmware, unable to run anything homebrew. People have been looking for some sort of exploit to downgrade to 1.0 or run homebrew code on the 1.5 but so far nothing has come up.

If Sony had only opened the platform, we would have a thousand cool homebrew apps by now. Its SO annoying.