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06-03-05, 06:55 PM

Microsoft has released a software update that enables NVIDIA PureVideo decode acceleration of Microsoft Windows Media High Definition Video (WMV-HD) content in Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 with NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series video cards.

This update enables Microsoft DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) of Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) content in Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 for video cards when the drivers of those video cards are designed to take advantage of this feature.

According to Microsoft, its software update enables WMV-HD decode acceleration after users meet the following prerequisites:

The graphics adapter must support this update.

The user must install hotfix 891122 (http://www.support.microsoft.com/kb/891122/).

The content must be WMV-HD clips (720p and 1080p) with a frame rate that is less than or equal to 30 frames per second.

About NVIDIA PureVideo Technology

NVIDIA PureVideo technology – a combination of NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series graphics processing units (GPUs), NVIDIA ForceWare software drivers, and advanced algorithms—is among the first technologies to take advantage of this feature with its WMV-HD decode acceleration.
With WMV-HD decode acceleration, NVIDIA PureVideo technology can offload video decoding from the CPU onto the GPU, giving users up to 40% gains in CPU utilization and smooth, stutter-free, HD video on any display. Unlike most video solutions which are hard-wired for MPEG decoding, NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series GPUs are programmable.

They feature an on-chip, programmable video processing engine to support multiple video formats, such as WMV-HD. As with MPEG-2 decoding, the NVIDIA video engine can perform most of the computation-intensive work, leaving lesser aspects to the CPU. This capability is important if users want to watch videos while recording other programs in the background.

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no dice for win64. the version of media player it wants wont install

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I remember reading some place it's already included on x64 but I highly doubt it.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I looked in the ForceWare forum for a thread, but not close enough obviously :)