View Full Version : I appreciate this forum!

06-04-05, 09:29 AM
Hi, I found this forum today and felt much appreciated so could not stop posting something. I am now trying to realize 1600x1200 resoln. for DELL Ultrasharp 2001 in Sol10. I have just got the current nVidia driver but not yet tried enough. After that I would post another report. Bye! Yoroshiku! And long live this nVIDIA-solaris forum!


06-07-05, 11:39 PM
wow when did we add a solaris forum great job mikec !!!

06-08-05, 06:38 AM
Thank you for your comment, retsam. I have not succeeded yet, though. I think I must study documents and entrie in this forum.1280x1024 resolution is finely and very simply realized...