View Full Version : looking for a quiet *ROOM* fan

06-04-05, 06:11 PM
Now that summer is here, my computer room just heats up too much when gaming.


I have a 3.2 P4 Northy with a 6800GT, 2 hd's, 425 PCP&C PSU, 1.5 gigs of ram.
19" CRT monitor
2 100 watt "tourch" lamps

in a room thats approx 12 x 10 feet
one side is a 100 inch wide window, but the blinds are always shut
doorway on the other side

House thermometer is set to AC at 75 F.

After like 1 hour of gaming, the temperature of the room is easily 10, maybe 15 F hotter! And since its only this room upstairs, the house AC doesn't kick in. You literally can feel a dramatic temp diff walking in and out of the room. My wife can tell when I've been gaming too, cause the room heats up dramatically. Least I know my computer case cooling works.. lol

To combat this, when I'm gaming, I sometime open a window, and/or use a 16 ? 20? inch floor standing fan by the doorway, pushing "fresh" (from the hallway)air in. (works better than pushing air out) This works excellent.. But now that fan is easily the loudest "cooling" noise in the room.. lol

I don't like keeping the windows open, cause during the day, the air is hotter than inside the house anyways.. Plus sometimes I like to crank up the sound at night, so I don't want the windows open, bothering the neighbors.

So anyone know of any quiet room fans, for airflow into the room?

BTW, I don't want an window AC unit.. that and my windows slide open sideways, not updown (100 inch window that opens on the right and left sides)

During the winter, it makes this room a bit warmer though, which is a nice thing.. lol

06-04-05, 09:02 PM
How about installing a ceiling fan?

06-05-05, 06:12 AM
i found the Honeywell black plastic table and floor fans to be very quiet, and last forever, even when i run them 24/7 for 5 months a year.

06-05-05, 02:28 PM
Hmm, thats not a bad idea.. although the this room isn't prewired for a ceiling fan so it would be a great PITA...

anyone else have their computers heating up small rooms?

How about installing a ceiling fan?

06-05-05, 02:45 PM
I got AC, and a ceiling fan. Fan works during early mornings, and late nights. but not on a mid summer's day. Tha's when I use my AC. :D

06-05-05, 10:30 PM
I installed a Wall Mart of Target ceiling fan once. It wasn't very hard after i understood you have to hang the assembled fan from a metal hool while you do the final wiring. Of course, I already had wiring in place for a ceiling light.

Beware if you have a ceiling light that is attached to only sheetrock, and not to a joist/stud. You don't want a fan hanging from only sheetrock or ceiling tile.