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06-05-05, 01:15 AM
I'm looking to buy a new power supply. My typical setup for the next year or so (how long I'd like this new PSU to last me) will be various NVIDIA PCI-E video cards, some of which will be SLI setups. I don't run many other power intensive components (no RAID, typical pump for watercooling at times and/or a few case fans, usually just have a CD/DVD drive and a HD or two).

I've been checking out the PSUs listed here:

I'm liking the Silverstone ST65ZF 650W (http://www.silverstonetek.com/products-65zf.htm) more than the rest (except for it just having one 80mm fan) and not all drops are sleeved.

I also like the Antec NeoPower 480W (http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=24480) as far as PSUs go that are not certified by NVIDIA for SLI. It has a 120mm fan and the thing is silent, sleeving is nice too.

Both of the above have nice 12V rails (with the SilverStone having four separate of course). I realize that it is overkill for the most part but I like to be prepared. It wasn't long ago that 350W rating and >=20A on the 12V was all someone really needed. ;)

So, I'd like to hear your thoughts/suggestions/etc. Thanks!

06-05-05, 01:20 AM
Get nothing else but one of the PC Power and Cooling :)

Stay far away from enermax's, antec's are ok but not the best. For powersupplies, personally, I would only buy OCZ or PC Power and Cooling.

06-05-05, 01:26 AM
Sparkle and Forton are some of the top brands aswell.

06-05-05, 01:27 AM
So you know about as much as I do regarding the Silverstones eh? :angel: I've seen a few reviews of them but not much.

06-05-05, 01:27 AM
Yes forton and sparkle are good too :)

Unfortunately most reviews don't show the tolerance of various psu's. That can be very important because a fluctuating +12v rail is no good to anyone. PC Power and Cooling have the tightest rails of any powersupply I believe. Like 1% or something! :afro:

I am also not a fan of split rails. If a particular component calls for more amps than one of the +12v rails puts out, then you can have stability issues. Or so I understand. I think dual +12v rails were called upon in the ATX spec because of safety issues.

06-05-05, 01:29 AM
You know your stuff. :) Yeah, Forton makes many of the components for a few of the bigger name outfits as well (Antec to name one).

06-07-05, 02:27 PM
I'm very happy with my Enermax.

06-07-05, 02:57 PM
Cool. I'm really happy with the Silverstone so far as well.

06-07-05, 03:42 PM
I just ordered one of the 650W Silverstone power supplies to power my SLI system, as well.How are the voltages holding up for your system Clay ?

06-07-05, 03:56 PM
I just ordered one of the 650W Silverstone power supplies to power my SLI system, as well.How are the voltages holding up for your system Clay ?
I've been in the process of building this system the past two nights. So, I'm just now at the point where I'm ready to install MBM, Everest, etc and check on my voltages. I'm also running just two MSI NX6800s which obviously aren't very power hungry. I'll post back here with my voltages in a day or so.