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06-05-05, 06:34 AM
i just spied this (http://forum.teamxbox.com/showthread.php?t=351984&page=1&pp=15) over at the rage3d forums...i know, i know! but they have some good stuff over there sometimes. anyways i dont know how trustworthy the source is but i thought a few of you might be interested in this snippit.

Xbox 360 Exclusive from PSM PS2 Magazine


1) Wireless is right out of the box
2) Black and White buttons are changed replaced by shoulder buttons
3) Microsoft used if it aint broke dont fix it policy with the Controller S
3) Infra Red Port is for the DVD Controller. The Wireless controllers are portless
4) 2 USB ports in front are for camera, Wi-fi and wired controller
5) Games available on Launch or Close to it according to Allard interview
a) Project Gotham Racing 3
b) Perfect Dark Zero
c) Gears of War (??????)
d) Call of Duty 2
e) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

6) Release Date? Around November 15th
7) Backward compatibility? Emulated Top Xbox Games, with more emulated for demand
8) Jeff Minter (www.llamasoft.com) is the creator of the Visuals when Mp3 are playing
9) Connect your Digital Camera to your Xbox 360 and view Pics on TV/HDTV
10) Xbox 360 acts as MC extender. PC acts as Storage, Xbox 360 as the viewer
11) Customizable Face Plates will start not at launch but a couple of months after launch
12) There will be a few initial Face plates
13) Memory Card can Sync with the Face Plates to Animate the Face plate (Lava lamp ex)
14) Quieter DVD Player

15) Xbox 360 Life Span? Allard: "We have built a future Proof system" "If the User in the future wishes an upgraded Graphics card or similiar component, that option will be available to the user to add to the power of the beast"

16) Tiger Woods 2006 : Holiday 2005, Exclusive Xbox 360 Golf courses, Xbox Live matchplay, Gameface III is the Beast (????)
17) Project Gotham 3: Launch Title, Exclusive Xbox 360 Title, Updraded Next Gen Graphics, Similiar Controls to 2 and 1, Gotham TV
18) The Outfit: Holiday 2005, WWII Xbox 360 Exclusive, From the developers of Homeworld and Dawn of War, Everything in the world is destructible, Vehicles included, Player Controlled AI Squad
19) Condemned: Holiday 2005, Xbox 360 Exclusive, CSI meets Doom 3, Cool Forensic tools, Tense FPS,
20) Quake IV: Holiday 2005: Xbox 360 Console Exclusive, Uses Doom 3 Engine, Picks up where Quake II left off, Xbox Live Multiplayer support (Quake III?)
21) Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit: Holiday 2005, Back to Original Need to Speed roots, Police Chases make return after years, Next Gen Graphics
22) Kameo: Elements of Power: Launch Title, Xbox 360 Exclusive, Expect plenty of Orcs, Guaranteed Next gen look, Plenty of On screen action
22) Full Auto: Holiday 2005, Xbox 360 Exclusive, Burnout x2, Midnight Club x2, 720p with 60 Frames per seconds Locked, Everything is destructable, Time reversable
23) Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon 3: Holiday 2005: Xbox 360 Console Exclusive, Ghost Recon taken to the next level, Next Gen lighting and Graphics, New HUD Display, Ghost Squad now has 5 members, Xbox Live multiplayer
24) Call of Duty II: Holiday 2005, Xbox 360 Console Exclusive, Intense WWII action, Developed by original COD Team, Propreity new Next Gen Engine, Non Liniar- you must chose when and how you perform your missions
25) Gears of War: Spring 2006, Xbox 360 Exclusive, Epic Built game, You may be Drooling too much to watch the Monster Sneak up
26) Perfect Dark 0: Launch Title, Xbox 360 Exclusive, Prequel to Rare's best games, Story Driven FPS, Vehicles Everywhere, COOP play, 50 player minimum Xbox Live multiplayer
27) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Potential Launch Title, Xbox 360 Console Exclusive, Open environment freeform RPG, Sequel to Morrowind, Travel until your feet hurt, Ride Horses, Dynamic Combat, Chose between FPS or TPS, 200+ hours of gameplay

15) Xbox 360 Life Span? Allard: "We have built a future Proof system" "If the User in the future wishes an upgraded Graphics card or similiar component, that option will be available to the user to add to the power of the beast"

so, i wont be surprised if this ends up being fake...

06-05-05, 06:49 AM
I dout its real because that would hurt more in the long run. A developer then has to worry about compatibility and who has or hasn't upgraded, It basically will cause more problems for the developers, also probably scare more away since the best thing about consoles is that there is no worry about compatility and system specs since one Xbox/PS2 is the same as the other.

Almost every addon/upgrade to a console has been a failure or just not overly used/common.

06-05-05, 07:56 AM
that #15 line makes it sound like a computer?

only 5 launch titles?

06-05-05, 08:14 AM
that #15 line makes it sound like a computer?

only 5 launch titles?

the next consoles are basically "media center" pc's IMO. i dont think thats sush a bad thing.

06-05-05, 08:19 AM
hmmm upgradable??? weren't the graphics chips or cpu soldered onto the pcb in the released shots? aren't the memory also sodlered on? If it is upgradable great! but i dunno if them parts mentioned are ineed soldered on.

06-05-05, 08:50 AM
I always felt MS secret to why there so confident in a early release may because the 360 may be upgradeable. So for we know the HD will be able to but I doubt anything else will when you really think about it. I doubt MS wants the 360 with upgrades people made to the video, memory and HD competing with there future console they may decide to release 5 years from now. It may come back to kick them in the ass.

06-05-05, 10:45 AM
...and that would be BS. The only thing upgradable on X360 is the faceplate and hard drive.

Also, they may release an X360 in the future that plays HD-DVD/Blu-Ray, but this will only be for movies, not games.